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Selling Issues to Avoid

Of course, in dealing with online auctions there are many things you can do to improve your business. But in addition to all of the things you can do to make business better, there are also things that you should NOT do if you want to be a power seller on eBay. There are some things that will gain you no benefit and can even HURT your business on eBay. Here is a short list of what NOT to do:

• Don't use music, big gaudy graphics, or other animations or a multicolored background in your listing.
• Don't rush to leave negative feedback for a non-paying bidder.
• Don't delay in shipping your items.
• Don't try to make a profit off of "handling charges".
• Don't use "As is" as a description in your listings.
• Don't wait for the buyer to leave feedback first.
• Don't fail to identify defects in your merchandise.
• Don't list your auctions so they end on a Holiday.
• Don't be afraid to accept international buyers.
• Don't make threats or use a negative tone in your listings.

Toolkits for eBay
There are many software tools out there that can help you make the most out of the eBay experience. From sniping software to data analysis to auction tools, you will find many useful utilities exist on the web to make your power selling auctions more efficient and effective. Here are some examples of software you will find useful:

• Paycheck is a utility that allows quick access to a TON of user information. Using Paycheck, everything you need to know about a user is just a click away, like Seller history, bidder history, feedback received, and feedback left.

• DeepAnalysis is eBay research software. Using DeepAnalysis eBay users can extract and analyze licensed eBay data and statistics for any eBay market sector, then use DeepAnalysis to reveal market trends and develop eBay strategies that will help you make money on eBay.

• Turbo-Sniper provides Auction sniping, standalone and server-based auction tracking, email automation, bulk search and data extraction, and universal automation and analysis.

• Bidnapper is another sniping tool.

• AuctionSleuth is combination sniping and buy-it-now bidding software that can help you find good deals on eBay.

eBay Pitfalls

Doing business on eBay isn’t without its concerns and pitfalls. eBay is like any other business and is prone to fine details that need to be adhered to by anyone who wants to be a power seller. Sniping is one issue that many powersellers need to be aware of. Sniping is used by many buyers when they want to ensure that they are going to get the items that they want. Sniping allows these buyers to wait until the very before they place their bid on your item for sale. Most times this means that any buyer who really wants to buy what you’re selling loses out on the opportunity since they don’t have a chance to re-bid before your item listing expires.

You can often recognize when your item has been bought by a buyer who is using a sniping technique: you’ll notice that there is a last minute bid before your sale closes. Sniping can have both a positive and a negative effect on you as a power seller. In the positive light, sniping shows that what you’re selling is in high demand. However, this also means that many items that you have for sale are being bought up by what are often other sellers on eBay, this giving “real” buyer’s very little chance to make a purchase.

Another concern of dealing with eBay is the question of reliability. Many people ask themselves whether or not it’s safe to do business on eBay either as a power seller or as a buyer. No one wants to be deal with dishonesty where there are money and product changing hands. One thing that you need to be aware of as a power seller is that eBay relies on the positive and negative feedback from buyers and sellers to make things work. How else are you going to know that a certain buyer has a good reputation and will pay you what you’re owed? As a powerseller, you can post feedback for a buyer that is positive, negative, or neutral. You can also leave comments about the transaction that will be helpful to other sellers in the future. With time and the leaving of feedback, dishonest buyers will soon be identified. When a buyer or seller has too many negative feedbacks they are brought to the attention of eBay administration and they may have their privileges at eBay revoked so that they are prevented from doing further business. In some cases, this information is turned over to law enforcement for further action.

User Agreement

As of 21 December 2004 there is a User Agreement in place at eBay for all registered users. The legal issues of the User Agreement have been put in place for your benefit and the benefit of eBay. Some of the main points of the User Agreement are as follows:

• Eligibility for membership: eBay only allows membership to people who are 18 years or older. Buyers or sellers under the age of 18 must be under the legal supervision of someone over 18.

• User ID: All buyers and sellers will be required to have a User ID which they create at the time of their registration. You will be legally responsible for any type of action or transaction that takes place with the use of your User ID. It’s important that you don’t share your User ID with anyone else or that you sell it since you are the one who will be responsible if anything happens.

• Fees at eBay: You will be required to pay all of the fees that you owe to eBay on time. If you don’t pay your fees you will face a temporary or permanent suspension from the eBay website. You will also be responsible for any taxes that are associated with the sale of your items.

• Personal information: Your personal information will remain the property and responsibility of eBay and will not be sold or mined to others. This means that you can be assured that any personal and financial information that you provide to eBay will remain private. The exception to this policy is if you are involved in illegal activities at which time your information will become accessible by legal authorities.

• Disputes: Any dispute that occurs between you and eBay should be immediately reported to “EBay Customer Support”. After a fair investigation a decision will be made in due time.

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