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Just Before You Start Your Business… To start, you will want to create accounts at the following domain 'hot spot', where you can both buy and sell domain names :


So please go make your account on each website above… and then back in here.

When it comes to finding the best domain names, the easiest route to take is in exploring the expired domain listings that consist of domains that were previously registered but were not renewed. These kinds of domains are far more appealing to buyers due to the fact that they are considered 'aged', despite the fact that they have expired and are no longer active. In most cases, if you register the domain shortly after it expires, you'll be able to maintain any existing traffic or page rank that the domain already has, and when it comes to domains, age, backlinks, traffic and page rank add incredible value to what the domain is worth within the marketplaces.


I use a few different tools and resources when locating expired domain names including and also at

With either of these resources, you are able to access and download complete listings of both expired domain names as well as domains that are about to expire so that you can receive an alert when the domain is dropped into the market and grab it before someone else does!

When it comes to securing aged domains from drop lists, you'll want to actively download lists of expired domain names every single day, and run them through a filtering script, such as available at and also available at … and it‟s entirely free.

What this script will do is enable you to sort through the listings of domains by extension, as well as weed through domains that have numbers or hyphens. And since you'll be sifting through thousands of domain names, using a software utility that will sort the names for you, will save a lot of time. These services are quite flexible in how you can set it up to filter through these lists for you, choosing between extensions, hyphenated domains or even domains with specific keywords. They can also handle very large text-based lists so even if you are interested in sorting through thousands of potential domains, the software can handle it!

Download and install the software and check it out so you're familiar with how it works and what features are available. You will find it will save you an incredible amount of time and make the job easier and more enjoyable, plus by using an automated system to browse domains, you'll give your self an edge over the competition, as you'll be able to find quality domains faster and easier – and with less work involved.

When it comes to purchasing domain names for resale, you want to stick with the top level extension, the dot-com, and avoid any domains with numbers, or other characters. While other domains with alternative extensions can be valuable, you'll minimize your risks of a domain not selling if you stick to the top level extension when just starting out.

Once you've gained experience in the domain flipping arena, you can consider buying and selling other domain types.

You will also want to focus on searching for expired domain names that are as short as possible, and with utilities, you are able to search through your lists by setting a maximum and minimum length, meaning that you can sort through the domains so that only ones that are shorter will appear. Personally, I set the maximum length to 20 characters and of course, the minimum to zero, so that it includes the shortest domain names on my expired lists.

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