3 Secrets to a Highly Successful Newsletter

SECRET #2: Provide Helpful Content that Your Readers Want

Want to have a newsletter with thousands of fans and loyal readers?
Then simply give your readers helpful information that they WANT.
What does it mean?

It's simple. Everybody knows you should offer helpful content in your newsletter.
But what few people pay attention to, is giving their readers what REALLY want. Because NOT every helpful information is what your readers want.

Let's say you publish a newsletter about cars. You keep including information and pictures for Mercedes Benz in issue after issue.
The information and pictures are really cool and useful. So you THINK your readers love it.

But without you knowing this, there is a problem with that…
85% of your readers are interested in Ferrari – and not even a bit interested in Mercedes Benz. So imagine how frustrating it is for them to hear all about Mercedes Benz in your newsletter week after week.
See the problem here?

That's why you should not only provide helpful content, but also the information that your readers really want.
Otherwise, it will be like giving very valuable information about growing a coconut tree to Eskimos. Your information is still very helpful – but NOT to your readers.
Most newsletter publishers give their readers what they THINK their readers want… which is by the way 80% NOT right.
So HOW can you discover what your readers really want?

Simply ask them!
Yes, you can run a simple and easy survey from your list and ask them what they want to find most in your newsletter.
You'll be surprised by the responses.
I ran a survey from my Newsletter Marketing Tips newsletter subscribers a few months ago and the information I discovered from people's answers was truly priceless… and I know I couldn't learn so much about my readers with anything else.

You can simply create your survey outline by email and send it to your list and ask them to reply back, or if you want to look more professional and get more response, you can simply use SurveyMonkey.
It's a great survey service that I have personally used and have seen other big newsletter publishers use too.

To find out what your readers most like to hear about, and then give it to them.
Then I promise you will have a big list of fans and loyal happy readers behind you!
Now let's get to the last newsletter success secret…

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