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Rent an Apartment Rather than Paying for a Hotel

For many people, traveling is one of the most enjoyable and culturally enlightening activities they can do. There are few experiences more memorable then seeing a different part of the world, and witnessing how different people interact and live. One of the problems, though, is that travel is one of the more expensive hobbies that one can have and, unless you happen to be quite wealthy, traveling on a regular basis isn’t an option for most people. Even less of an option is a prolonged stay in any one place; that is unless you happen to have brushed up on some discount travel ideas that allow you to stretch your dollars much further than you would ever dream possible.

For instance, if you plan on staying in a city for more than a few weeks, you should consider renting an apartment. This is a great way to make your stay more affordable, as apartment rentals will almost always be less expensive than even the cheapest of hotels. Unlike North America, where it is often difficult to rent or sublet an apartment for less than a few months, in many parts of the world should term apartment rentals are the norm, the result of a burgeoning travel industry.

There are usually two varieties of apartments that you'll find: apartments that are owned expressly for the purposes of short term rental and run as a business service to travelers, and those that are being rented out by locals who will be out of town and are looking to make a bit of money. The latter is likely to be cheaper and perhaps more authentic: you'll be renting an apartment from someone who actually lives there, so you'll experience the feeling of truly living in a place. Apartments that are rented constantly to travelers will probably be more expensive. They may have more features than an apartment rented from a local, but less character: these apartments function almost like a long term hotel room.

Either choice, however, is much preferable to a hotel for a long term stay. In you have an apartment other discount travel solutions will spring from it: you can cook meals at home, for example. An apartment will also allow you to feel a little more culturally integrated - you're more likely to meet locals, to eat where they eat, to drink where they drink, etc... All of which will save you a lot of money.

For a longer stay, an apartment rental will always be the most cost effective choice. Just beware that if you are renting from an individual you have to be a little more careful - don't pay too much money up front and that sort of thing. Of course, savings is your ultimate goal when renting an apartment for a short term stay, but if you have to pay a little more for one with a fully equipped kitchen it is well worth it. Whatever your choice,remember that your apartment rental is not only a discount travel solution, but a great way to gain a better understanding of the place you're staying in.

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