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Removing the Leaks

Removing the Leaks:

Now, we have received the money from the owner and now it is time to take down the leaks. This step is fairly straight forward; just make sure you read carefully and do everything that is told.

Head on over to the first link that contains the leaked product. I’ll be using FilesTube as an example. Almost every file sharing website will have a “Contact” form at the bottom of their website.

On FilesTube there is an option to select “DMCA complaint” as our subject of feedback, which you should select.

Fill in the email address you used to contact the original owner in the respective field. As for the message, modify the template below.

<insert link of leaked file here>
I am here requesting that the file above to be taken down on behalf of the product owner. The file has been uploaded illegally and without the consent of the copyright holder (sign your name here).

The file titled <file name here> belongs to <original owner’s name>. You may contact the creator by phone at <owner’s phone number here> or by email at <owner’s email here>. You may also mail to the owner’s physical address at <owner’s address here>. This information is accurate and under the penalty of perjury, I am authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is infringed (sign your name here). Thank you. Please respond with any information that may be required to quickly take down these illegal uploads.

This is one template that you should try to edit as little as possible. Simply replace information inside the brackets and you should be sent. Once you’ve filled it out, send it to all of the websites that the product is leaked on. You will typically receive a response within 24 hours from these sites notifying you that the leak has been taken down. You should then notify the original creator of the content, letting them know the job has been completed.


If you’ve read this far then congratulations, you’re on your way to making bank. The #1 tip I can give to you is never give up! I get way too many customers who complain after only sending 1 letter, and not

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getting a response. Don’t give up! Send out a consistent amount of letters a day to various product owners and you’re sure to eventually get a response.

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