The Best Advertising Options for Your Money


The Good-

✔ Radio offers a wide array of formats which can reach listeners during a specific state of mind, which can complement a specific advertising message. Many people listen to the radio while driving to and from work, other listen in the evening while relaxing next to a cozy fire.
✔ Delivers your message to everyone in the room or car at the same time.
✔ In fact. Your ad could be heard the next day if production is available, ad copy is written and studio time is available.
✔ Radio advertising is intrusive- it butts in on your listening, and your only option is to listen or change the channel (or shut it off)!
✔ Reaches a national, regional or local audience.
✔ Can be effectively targeted to consumer segments, such as teenagers vs. seniors, or men vs. women.
✔ Can be repeated often, thus driving the message home. Once again, repetition is the heart of effective advertising.
✔ Radio ads can be heard 24 hours a day.
✔ Radio can reach people as they are on their way to the store. Messages delivered just prior to actual shopping are very powerful.
✔ Tends to be cheaper per announcement than either TV or print, and in fact, is probably the most cost-efficient of all media.
✔ Uses "theater of the mind." Radio uses voice and sound effects to conjure up images in the listener's mind by engaging the human imagination. This can be more powerful than any pre-developed TV image or still photograph.
✔ Reaches people who do not like to read newspaper or magazine, or people who do not view outdoor mediums, such as billboards, and those who do not like TV.

The Bad:

✗ Most people have the radio on "for noise." That is, they are usually otherwise engaged with something while listening, and often are only half-listening.
✗ Repetition is more important to overcome general lack of attention on behalf of the listener, and thus, you have to spend more for more spots, which can make up for the lower cost.
✗ Makes it difficult for the listener to take physical action as a result of the advertising message. For example, most listeners do not have a pen in hand when they hear an 800 number to call or an address to remember.
✗ You generally need more up-front money to buy up the large number of spots you need to get the job done.
✗ Is not visual, and many people retain better what they can see that what they hear. Also does not move, another aspect of capturing individual attention.

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