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Domain Parking is when you temporarily direct your domain name to a website, who in turn, will pay you for the traffic that is received who in turn, ends up clicking on the featured advertisements.

Two of the more popular choices amongst domainers is and . These two parking services have been around for many years and are both reliables in terms of payment and in providing accurate statistical data. With Sedo, they will indicate whether the domain name you are parking has existing traffic, and of course, if it does, you can price your domain name at a higher range. Sedo also creates a domain name sale page for you, which visitors to the domain will see whenever they visit. This means that you can end up selling domain names by doing absolutely nothing if someone stumbles across your domain and sees it for sale on Sedo.

Of course, you can choose to deny their offer if you are‟t happy with it or accept it for prompt payment from Sedo, who will take a percentage of your sale and pay you the rest.

To register for a free Sedo account, visit and click on the “Create Your Free Account” link to begin. After you have created your account, Sedo will ask you to enter in any domain names that you wish to park with their service. You can enter in as many or as little as you like, or you can skip this step altogether until you are ready to come back to it at a later time. If you do decide to enter into domains at Sedo, you are able to specify a category, your asking price, and a minimum offer for each of your domains. If you enter a minimum offer, potential buyers will be required to bid that amount in order to even be considered. This can save you a lot of time and eliminate ridiculously low bids of a few bucks. I always enter my minimum bid to be at least $15 above my registration cost.

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