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Passion & Knowledge

Knowledge and interest are crucial characteristics for success.

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s nearly impossible to build an effective niche site. You simply won’t be able to keep your site viable if you don’t have knowledge of the topic that your site is built around.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to be an expert already – as you’ll see, it’s relatively easy to become competent – even expert – in any but the most technical topics.

What you will need, if you don’t have the knowledge or familiarity already, is the willingness to learn.

That’s where interest comes in.

There's a lot of money to be made in affiliate commissions on sales of miter saws. And the fact is, if you have a website on miter saws you'll learn quite a bit about them in a very short amount of time, certainly enough to know more than someone looking to buy one.

But can you honestly see yourself maintaining enough interest in miter saws to keep at it for the long haul? Probably not.

This is why we choose only niches that we find interesting on some level. It doesn’t need to be a burning passion but it does need to be a topic that will sustain your interest.

And common misconception that you have to base your affiliate site on something that you are already expert or at least very knowledgeable about.

As long as the topic is one that will sustain your interest, you do not need to already be an expert. As mentioned, developing enough expertise is actually fairly simple if you’re willing to apply yourself.

Instant Expert


So, how do you select a niche? This is a subject that’s kind of tough to outsource because it’s all about you. But pick a subject that you can imagine yourself having an interest in over time, and it'll be easier for you to separate good content from worthless content, answer questions from people who visit the site (or at least find answers), create content and intelligently edit hired writers, and stick with it if things don't go your way initially

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