101 Facebook Tips

Part 7 – An app for all seasons

Part 7 – An app for all seasons
Apps aren’t just games – there’s a tonne of functions that you can find in some great apps that you can use to add functionality to your new social media hub. We’ve featured a couple here.

96. Networked blogs let you share your blog
Did you know that Networked Blogs also allows you to post to your own page (we talk about pages in Section 3)? Be careful though – those that have you as a friend and have fanned you will get more double updates on your blogs.

97. Network blogs also allow you to follow other blogs
Including your friends and some of the biggest blogs on the web. If you have a list of friends that you like to read, consider following them on Facebook – if they’re there, their blogs will be inserted into your feeds easily.

98. Networked Blogs or importing notes?
(See 2nd section for more information on notes) Notes are a great way of simply posting a lot of content to your feed, while Networked Blogs has features that blend importing RSS with a group – you can have people fan and rate your blog, have a discussions area and more. It all depends on your community needs.

99. Integrating other networks
Facebook has a lot of ‘bridge’ applications, which allow you to integrate external social networking sites, such as Flikr and Twitter into your feeds. These powerful tools can take a while to set up but are well worth it if you regularly use the sites you’re linking up.

100. Horoscopes and more
Like everywhere else on the web, Facebook has facilities to post horoscopes and more – if you’re interested in that sort of thing, find one that your friends use and post it.

101. Developing your own
Facebook has a powerful API that allows you to develop just about anything based on a framework – so developing something that you think other people might like to play is easy. It’s also good advertising for the ‘cause’ or company of choice.

Have fun

While all these tips cover the mechanics of networking and beyond, it’s important to remember that you should always try to enjoy yourself. Facebook is a social site – be social and enjoy everything it has to offer!

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