101 Facebook Tips

Part 5 – Your own page, or groups

Part 5 – Your own page, or groups

In addition to having your own profile, Facebook allows you to keep basic groups and pages, for fan purposes, or you can set up a group to talk about your passions, your interests or both. You can also join others – some places suggest there is a limit to the number of pages and groups you can add.

73. Group or page?
A page is basically a mini-profile – a group has a more group-centric feel to its ‘front’ page, but there’s very little difference between them in reality. There are no current accurate figures posted on limits to pages and groups, so there may not be any – but be careful to join an ‘official’ group or fan page belonging to the official entity – there are many unofficial fans and groups on Facebook, and it’s not highly policed at present.

74. Pages and apps
Some apps can post to pages as if they were profiles – much like fully fledged Facebook profiles, pages can have most of the features of a ‘real’ profile, so adding apps to them may be a possibility, depending on the app in question. Explore your options carefully though, because if an app is posting to your main profile, and your page, people following both will get duplicate content.

75. Groups
Groups are like clubs offline – you choose who can join and how wide its access is. Much like other parts of Facebook, it has its own wall, which everyone can post to. Pages have two – one for the owner to post, one for fans to post to, and then it all feeds into one amalgamated stream.

76. Running both
Many people consider Facebook to be a place for allegiances – groups would then represent (casual) memberships and interaction in clubs, pages could be considered a greater endorsement or badge of interest, so running both isn’t a bad thing.

77. Causes
There are specific apps for causes on Facebook, but if you’re passionate about something, starting a group, or page is a great way to go – remember to make others admin (in edit membership on the group or page’s main page) so you’re not the only one in charge.

78. Ads
You can place your own ads on Facebook – and they run a lot like Adsense ads in most cases. You’ll need to condense whatever message you want to ‘send’ into very short sentences, but these ads are targetable and very powerful.

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