101 Facebook Tips

Part 4 – Clicking on a friend’s profile

Part 4 – Clicking on a friend’s profile

When you view a friend’s profile, there are a couple of neat things you can do to interact with them or see what they’ve posted and you may have missed.

68. Under the picture
You can view their profile by clicking on their picture in your feed. Once there, you can poke them, view videos and photos of them, or send them a message. Below that is information that they’ve made available to friends lists, including relationship status. It’s a good way to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while, then reach out and contact them.

69. Commenting on their wall
You can leave people public messages on their walls – as they can do on yours – just click in the status box and write what you’d like them to see – remember though, it also posts in your feed, so be careful what you say.

70. Adding apps or boxes your friend has

If you see something really interesting that your friend has, click through – and add the app they’re using by following the instructions. If you’ve seen a Facebook page that is exactly how you’d like yours to be, click through and create items as you can.

71. Commenting
You can comment from your own feed, or if you’ve gone over to a friend’s profile (which is a good idea just in case they’ve been bumped out of your algorithm based feed) and comment there. Comments have a length limit, but you can split it over several boxes and it will stack correctly.

72. Tagging
You can tag a friend, or yourself in most photos you have access to – be aware that some people dislike being tagged in photos, so if your friend frequently removes tags of him or herself, maybe you shouldn’t tag them. Any tags of people in videos or photos or notes will appear in their stream.


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