101 Facebook Tips

Part 2 – Access, API and apps offsite

Part 2 – Access, API and apps offsite

Off Facebook access
It’s important to take advantage of any software or apps that you can use, simply because Facebook can become time-consuming if you only access it at a primary terminal. Using apps to speed up your access
will mean in most cases, your time won’t be devoured by social networking (until you get into games)

37. The best phone app?
There is no one ‘best’ app for Facebook on each mobile platform, so look around and see if you can find a highly recommended one – sometimes phones come with bundled apps, or built-in API access – which, if you’re a social animal your phone can be a lifesaver. Be aware that most apps are limited, as are most phone based browsers.

38. Tweetdeck?
Tweetdeck is a twitter poster that has expanded to take in other places like Facebook and comes highly recommended on any PC or laptop. It has a tiny memory footprint and gives you unparalleled access to a lot of feeds at once. Beware its API call on twitter though (at 150 an hour). Facebook currently has no limitations.

39. Automatic posting?
Some people use automatic posting to allow them to post information at set times, though Facebook’s TOS seems to be a little grey about this. Being careful and only posting relevant information will allow you to connect and network in a way it was designed to allow.

40. Facebook connect
Facebook connect is a handy extension of the Facebook login and API, trying various things back to your profile, or allowing you to interact with other sites, or programs using your Facebook credentials. This can be a good and a bad thing – if the interaction causes constant posting to your feed, people may find it annoying, but it also means you’ve got a centralized login.

41. Lifestreaming
Lifestreaming allows you to pull all of your feeds into one place and Facebook offers several widgets based on what you need for your site – go to Facebook’s widget page – or search the internet for information on how to use your feeds in interesting ways offsite.

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