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Offline Strategies 1: Cold Calling

Cold Calling

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling refers to calling people randomly from a list. This list is of people who are somehow related to the business being promoted and the purpose of calling them is to get them interested into the activity. Multilevel marketing uses cold calling to a great extent. It is one of the oldest methods used in MLM and is still used significantly.

In most cases, the intention of cold calling people will be to fix appointments with them or to invite them to meetings or seminars where the business opportunity will be discussed in detail. Direct sales are almost never made through cold calling.

The cold callers will use a list of leads generated by them or obtained from some other source. As they call people, they will keep ticking their names off the list. The few people with whom they secure appointments through cold calling will be then funneled to follow-up methods.

What are the Pros of Cold Calling?

The method is a very traditional method and is most popular. It is also a cost-effective promotional method as compared to the other methods in use today.

A big advantage with cold calling is the finality of it. The caller immediately comes to know whether the person called is interested in the opportunity or not. This saves a lot of time and the caller has a better idea of where he or she stands.

Cold calling is a method of directly involving the prospect right from the start. Since the caller has been called through a private communication method, the prospect feels somewhat privileged.
Cold calling can be used to lead people into responding in the affirmative. If there is any contention, it can be probed and clarified right away.

What are the Cons of Cold Calling?

The success rate of cold calling is very low. The caller may have to go through hundreds of numbers to get one interested prospect. However, that depends on the stature of the business being promoted.
Since the calls are always unexpected by the receiver, cold callers are not welcome. They have got a bad name because of this fact.

Cold calling is too simple a method and vastly pales in comparison to the highly sophisticated online methods being used today which can directly bring targeted prospects.

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