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Module 01: The Power of Leverage

Hello and welcome to the first module of Outsource Synergy. Throughout this course, you will learn how to multiply your profits, slash your burden into half and free your time! In this first power, we will cover the importance of leveraging upon other people’s efforts. This is because it is a very essential and powerful tool if you want to have a successful business and earn an abundant of income. So, without further delay, let’s begin!

If you are new to the business world, then you need to understand what leverage is. Don’t just start a business without knowing what is happening in the market. You must know the things or strategies done by business owners to stay competitive and successful. So, if you are interested to start a business, then you need to know the following facts that are stated below. These facts will open up your mind and clear all your confusions and questions about why some businesses really do well and succeed.

According to the dictionary, leverage is a power or capability or to influence individuals, decisions, and events. For the business term, it means just like the meaning given by dictionary but applied in a different way. If you are in business, the power of leverage is the way you use to strengthen other things processes, and individuals to execute a lot more than you can do by yourself. The concept of leveraging is definitely vital in any business endeavors.

In the business world, the two most known way of leveraging is money and time. There is a limit that a business or individual can have in terms of money and time. So, it is important to leverage on other people’s money and time.

Every successful business takes advantage of leverages. You know that there are only 24 hours per day and no matter how capable you are but if you don’t leverage, you are limited by the time in a day. For example, in a business like a network marketing, if you possess thousands of people, you will surely generate more income even for one day. What about in a year, it would be really a huge income.

In any kind of business, the power of leverage is absolutely needed and is important. For those who want to get into the business, this is the first thing that they must know. This is also another thing that they must consider. If you were to get into online marketing or even a one-man entrepreneur, then you definitely need to leverage. For you to fully understand the importance of leveraging as an internet marketer or as a one-man entrepreneur:

  • Individuals apply financial leverage when they utilize borrowed money to boost their ROI’s or when they utilize options to limit huge numbers of stock at a cost far lower than outright purchase.
  • Home businesses utilize leverage when they work online. By doing that, they removed the boundaries of geography and time as well as leveraged their advertising dollar since it prices about the similar amount to make an announcement that gets only into a small number of the individual as it does to make an advertisement that goes through global market.
  • If you are managing a small store, you must be contented with the numbers of visitors or buyer, but as an affiliate internet marketer, you get a huge traffic numbering in hundreds of thousands or even in millions. This is not only for any traffic but for targeted traffic. This is how leveraging helps you as an internet marketer to get more targeted traffic. More traffic means more income.
  • People apply leverage when they employ tools like Google AdWords. They utilize Google's technologies to determine their targeted traffic and send it to the website. Don’t you know that internet is one of the greatest levers that is invented?
  • Apart from that when you leverage via the internet, you will get several advantages that will be very favorable to you as an internet marketer. If you are offering products, you will have a chance to offer different products on one site. With this, you will gain more income in just one site. Come to think of it, it will be very profitable for you.
  • To top it all, the importance of leveraging for online retailers is that it helps them to attract customers, sell more products and process sales invoices. Additionally, they can utilize the internet and credit agencies to process every single transaction. With computer systems, a lot of things can be done in just one day or 7 days a week. Now, this is what leverage can do.

This is the importance of leveraging as an internet marketer, online marketing as well as for one-man entrepreneur. It is not that easy to get or become successful in internet marketing though it is very easy to use the internet. Without enough knowledge about internet marketing and leveraging, you will not be in a guaranteed path of success. This is very true and applicable also for one-man entrepreneurs; you can never become successful on your own. A third party or a certain tool is always needed to become more successful, therefore, leverage.

When it comes to using leverage in a business, there is always a win-win situation or a fair situation. The power of leverage can be considered also a win-win situation. This is because if you are a certain company, you are also providing your employees the chance to earn at the same time, they aid you to build and make your business successful. This is very good for businesses whether it’s offline or online. This is also important for a single-man entrepreneur. In fact, you can never be successful on your own.

When it comes to offline businesses, you use leverage in order for your business to work efficiently and profitably whereby that leverage is the number of employees working for you. You help others as they help you in return. For example, you help people by giving them jobs and a chance to earn some income and in return, they help your business to develop and expand. When it comes to internet marketing, the way you use leverage is through a single website where you can put several services or products.

Also, you use leverage here in order for your site to attract more traffic and sales. When you provide services and products, you also supply the people’s needs, therefore, they buy from you. This is a win-win situation as a result of a business that uses leverage. This is really a healthy situation between business and employees.

Even if your business is small or big, it still needs to leverage. Anyway, leverage is needed in any kind of business.

Even if you have a small or big business, you need to be equipped with several employees or manpower. Your business will not have the capability to work efficiently and successfully if you don’t have staffs to help your business.

This is the way to leverage. In short, you need to have employees so that you can use their capabilities to make your business develop. When you survey in different business especially big companies, this is what they all do in order for their company to work well. Just like the companies producing many products, they cannot produce many products without their employees.

So, you really need to duplicate yourself for your business to become successful and to stay competitive in the world of tough market competition. Even small businesses also take advantage of leveraging in order for them to function and profit more as well as to compete with other big businesses.

Now you know what power of leverage is all about and its importance to any kind of business. With this, you will understand why some companies stay in business for so long and become more successful even in times of recession. You don’t need to think of it over and over again what they have done to achieve that kind of success. In the world of business, there is always a tool that helps a marketer become successful.

The tool being mentioned here is the power of leverage. This is the tool or mainly the secret of most of the successful businesses. With this, you don’t need to worry about failing or ending up losing your business because once you use leverage, you can never go wrong. With leverage, everything will be possible, may your business be offline or online, big or small. Aside from that, with leverage, you have the chance to also be in a match with big businesses though you just started a small business. So, make the power of leverage be your path to business success and reach your goal for your business.


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