Top 10 ways to make money blogging

Method 5: Join an Advertising Network

Back in “the day,” you couldn’t visit a website without being accosted with a number of blinkie, flashing, marching-across-the-screen pop-up ads. Yuck! Thankfully, advertising has changed significantly since then. Now, the majority of online ads are text-based or include photos rather than home-drawn neon images.

By joining an advertising network, you can reserve space on your website and allow the networks you join to serve ads directly to your site. Ad networks will then pay you per impression (how many people view your ad) or per click (how many people actually see and click on the ad).

Depending on the network, you can specify the size, shape, and types of ads you deliver. Some of the most common ad networks include:

-Google Adsense. Probably the most wellknown and versatile network.


-Kontera. An in-text ad network that provides links directly in the text of your already-created content.

-Text Link Ads. Another in-text ad network.

The advantages of advertising networks:

• They’re easy to incorporate into your existing structure

• Advertisers are brought to you; you don’t have to find them on your own

• You are paid regularly for work you’ve already created, making it a passive income stream

The disadvantages:

• Pay can be extremely modest unless you have high volumes of targeted traffic (it’s not uncommon to make $.10 – or less! – per day).

• A chunk of the revenue is taken as a fee-for-service.

• You don’t have full control over what sites are advertised.

• You’re encouraging people to click away from your site.

Many people find ad networks an easy way to start including advertising on their blogs. As you grow your reader base and traffic, you may want to investigate approaching advertisers directly. But in the meantime, picking up some spare change for doing nothing more than adding a little code to your site might be attractive.

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