Top 10 ways to make money blogging

Method 3: Promote Online Auctions

One of the very first ways for “ordinary” people to make money online was through eBay. Whether you were selling used maternity clothes, car parts, or collectibles, eBay promised millions of eyeballs, brought directly to your goods, allowing you to sell virtually anything with a minimum of hassle.

Adding auctions to your blog is a great way to make some extra cash, and eBay makes it easy with a plethora of simple tools. The best part: You don’t even have to create your own auctions! You can pull in auctions for items related to your topic or subject matter with RSS feeds, product feeds, or directly from auction listings.

The first thing you have to do is to join the eBay affiliate program (go to for more info). Then you can use eBay’s tools to pull specific feeds into your blog. You can include live eBay listing information, direct links to auctions that might be of interest to your market, and a host of other options.

Of course, if you have your own products to sell, all the better! Sign up with eBay, and then you can list your products and show the auctions in real time on your site, letting your readers know that your wares are going, going… sold to the highest bidder!

When promoting auctions as an affiliate, the advice to know your products, provide value, and promote your affiliate links holds true. And if you’re listing your own products and showing your auctions via your blog, it’s even more important to spread the word and drive traffic to your website and auction. More traffic will result in more action on your auctions, which in turn leads to higher selling prices.

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