The Best Advertising Options for Your Money


The Good-

✔ Magazines offer a wide variety of subject matter and editorial focuses to reach readers when they have a state of mind you are looking for. Thus, you can tailor your message to a high degree of specificity.
✔ Magazines have glossy, polished paper that makes color photographs and other graphic elements look like works of art. Your ad will look superb. (That doesn't mean it will sell, however!)
✔ Can reach very specific target markets without having to waste time or money on markets you do not care about.
✔ Like the newspaper, you can have the long copy. Full or even multiple page ages let you make a pretty long and detailed pitch. Do people really read all that fine print? Yes- If you have their attention and interest!
✔ You can insert your catalog, card, flyer or whatever into the magazine.
✔ Like newspapers, they allow you to include reader response materials, such as coupons, entry or order forms, and more.
✔ They are not disappearing ink. In fact, magazine is even better on this count that newspapers because people are much more likely to re-read or go over a magazine a second time. Many people even collect magazines or go through them for research in the library, giving your ad the chance to be seen again and again.
✔ Can reach a huge audience, easily in the millions with the bigger „zines.
✔ Magazines allow for a breathtaking array of creative options: pop-ups, special inks, holograms, unusual space configurations, personalizing elements for each reader of the publication, etc.
✔ They have national, regional and local reach.
✔ Magazine ads can reach specific demographic segments within the total readership of the magazine. That's because most magazines have departments and areas of specific topic or subject matter, helping you to target your customers.
✔ Magazine ads can reach possible non-readers who might be part of an advertiser's secondary target audience.
✔ Because they are more highly focused and needless repetition, as in radio, they can actually be more cost-effective than any other media form.
✔ A frequency of exposure is high, as we said because magazines are often read more than once and by more than one person. Also, they may read other similar magazines you have targeted for your ads.
✔ May reach people that other media do not. Many people prefer to read magazines to newspapers, for example.
✔ Magazines can accommodate your listings.

The Bad-

✗ One of the biggest drawbacks is the long period before you buy the ad and when it appears. A magazine ad may take three to four months before it appears. If you need fast cash and customers, this is no help. Also, a reader may not get to his or her magazine right away upon receiving it.
✗ Tend to be expensive for one-time runs.
✗ Do not offer the sound of movement, although some cutting-edge ads, such as pop-ups or those with micro-chip insertions are breaching this drawback. These are mega-expensive, however.
✗ Because they are more highly focused, they have less reach, which many do not consider a drawback.
✗ You must submit your final copy and adprep many months before the deadline. Some magazines have a fast close, and other will call up repeat advertisers with last minute deals, often because they have space to fill or when others back out at the last minute.
✗ Although once they start printing, you cannot back out; once you buy a magazine ad, you are locked in no matter what. Refunds are rare.
✗ You do not get high frequency unless you buy an entire year's worth, but then readers will see them about once a month for most magazines.
✗ You only get exposure to one person at a time, as opposed to a whole room or call-full as in radio or TV.

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