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There are some simple basics that you should know about listing your items for sale on eBay. The more items that you list the more experienced you’ll become in knowing how to write descriptions to entice buyers to take a longer look at the item that you’re selling than the items of other sellers.

The first thing that you need to do is find items that you want to sell. For your first few selling attempts choose
items that you yourself like so that you can create a listing that you can relate to. Find similar items that are for sale on eBay so that you get a good idea of how much the item is worth, what other sellers are selling it for, and what category it best fits into. To find items that are similar to the one that you’re selling use the following steps:

• Use the “Search” button at the top of the eBay webpage.
• Select the “Advanced Search” and type in key search words.
• Choose the “Completed Items Only” option.

You’ll quickly have a listing of items that were for sale on eBay but are now ended so that you can see what items are popular and what didn’t sell. Once you have your item ready to sell you’re ready to begin listing it. The steps that you’ll need to complete, in the following order, are:

• Select the format that you want to use to sell your item.
• Choose the best category for the item.
• Write a title that catches the eye of buyers.
• Write a complete description of the item making sure to include all the specifics such as measurements and condition.
• Include photos of the item that you’re selling in the listing.
• Let buyers know where you live.
• Use some of the promotion tools available at eBay to promote the item.
• Include the payment that you’ll accept the item as well as information about shipping and packaging.

Be creative and step outside of the box. You need to establish new ways of marketing the items that you’re selling. Take time to examine your competitors on eBay so that you know what they’re doing and what you have to do better. Once you are registered and have set up your seller's account you are ready to list the items that you want to sell. This is known as your eBay "listing". Your goal is to create a listing that is sensational and stands out from other listings. The secret to making money on eBay is to attract as many bidders as possible.

There are several different sections that you can complete to create an eBay listing that is perfect for the item that you are selling. These include:

• Selecting a selling format that is right for you. Do you want to use the online auction format or set a definitely fixed price for your items? You may want to experiment with several items and use a different selling format for each one. Keep track of which selling format works best for which items. The "Buy It Now" option may work wonderfully for one particular item but for another item it may be more advantageous to sell using the online auction format. Once you have experimented with a few items you will soon know what selling format to use for which of your sellable items.

• Choose the right category for your items. You will want to find the category or categories that best define the
items you are selling. This is so that target buyers are able to easily and quickly find your item. If you are unsure about what category to choose for your items it is wise to play it safe and list them in more than one category.

• Write a descriptive title for your items. Choose words that define what you are selling and that will appear in any search that a buyer might try on eBay. Remember that you are competing with many other powersellers to get the attention of buyers and earn money. Your title is important because eBay's search engine works by reading the title line. You should try and use some keywords in your title line for these search purposes. Identity the item clearly. If possible mention a brand name. The more information contained in your title line the more bidders you will attract to your listing.

• Description of your items. This is your opportunity to be creative and promote your item. A description should be written in some type of logical order. You should: (a) describe what the item is, (b) include the title, (c) include the artist, author or manufacturer of the item, (d) indicate identifying marks or other identifying information, (e) describe what the item is made of, (f) list the size and dimensions, (g) describe the condition of the item, and (h) include any special history or features that you think the buyer should know. It is also important to include one line in your description that encourages buyers to e-mail you with any questions.

• Use pictures. People like to see exactly what they are bidding on. eBay makes the process of including pictures in your listings an easy process. Pictures will attract buyers to your items. If you are posting more than one photo uses your most informative picture first, one that includes all the features of your item. Take the time to get the lighting in the photo right and the setup of the item correct so that you are taking a top-quality picture. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words and will sell your item.

• Price. Decide what price you want to establish for the items you are selling. Determine whether you are using the online auction format or are using the "Buy It Now" option. You will also want to decide how long you want your listing to run. It is important to carefully determine what price is best for the item you are selling. Take the time to look at similar items that are selling on eBay. Research your competitors and see what they are doing. If you want to sell crystal vases, for example, you should take a look to see at what price other vases are being sold and at what prices they are listed. It is important that you research similar items so that you know what price to charge and if there is a market for what you want to sell. This step is vital since you may discover that you can't compete with current sellers on price or there is simply no market for what you have to offer.

• Indicate your payment and shipping preferences. You should offer as many payment options for the buyer as possible, including credit cards. The more payment options that you offer potential bidders the more attention your item will attract. This will ensure your success as an eBay powerseller.

It is important to keep in mind that most buyers browse through the categories and items that interest them. Your eBay listing needs to be an attention-getter so that you give the buyer a reason to linger and take a longer look at the item that you are selling. Remember to check your spelling and avoid spelling mistakes. Misspelling of words is unprofessional and may make the difference between selling your item and having the listing expire without a sale.

Try to avoid using words in your eBay listing such as "rare" or "amazing". These are fluff words and will not convince buyers that they need your item just because it is amazing. Buyers will make their decision about the rarity of your item based on the concise and accurate information that you provide in your listing description.

When you are satisfied with the way the listing looks for your item you are ready to place the listing on eBay for buyers to bid on. Make sure to take a look at the way your listing looks online after you have completed the online steps. Make revisions to your listing if you're the least bit unsure about how it looks. It may take you a few tries for the first few items that you list but the effort will be well worth it.

eBay has administrative services that will help you create an item listing that gives you the impact that you need to make those sales. In fact, eBay will write your item descriptions for you if you lack the confidence or the talent
to do so yourself. You may want to take advantage of this administrative feature until you get the hang of being a powerseller on eBay.

Cost of listing: Selling on eBay costs you very little and this is one of the biggest appeals of this auction site. The
cost of listing an item for sale on eBay will vary depending on the listing price of the item. This means that you can sell multiple items at a very low cost to you as an eBay powerseller.

If you decide to sell your items through an online shop you’ll have to pay a bit more for the listing price but this also means that there will be more advantages to you as a seller. You’ll be able to display all of the items that you have for sale at a lost cost that allows you to focus your business expenses in other areas, such as advertising or the purchase of products to sell. If you’re going to be selling your items through an online shop the first 30 days will be free so that you can determine if this format is right for you and what you’re selling.

Many buyers will take a look at all of the items that a seller has for sale. You want to make it as easy for the buyer as possible to find out all they can about what you’re selling and who you are.

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