Break The Cycle Of Bad Discipline

Lesson 8: Growing Will Power And Self Discipline

A good technique for developing and improving these abilities is to execute particular actions or activities, which you would sooner avoid doing due to laziness, putting things off, weakness, shyness, etc.

By doing something that you don't like doing or are too lazy to accomplish, you overpower your subconscious resistance, train your brain to obey you, fortify your inner powers and gain inner strength. Muscles become stronger by resisting the power of the barbells. Inner strength is achieved by overpowering inner resistance.
Remember, beefing up one of these abilities automatically beefs up the other one.


Here are a few drills:

1) You're sitting on a bus or train and an old man or woman or a pregnant woman walks in. Stand up and give up your seat even if you want to stay seated. Do this not simply because it's polite, but because you're doing something that you're reluctant to do. In that way, you're overpowering the resistance of your body, brain, and feelings.

2) There are dishes in the sink that have to be washed and you postpone washing them for later. Get up and wash them now. Don't let your laziness overpower you. When you recognize that in this way you're developing your will power, and if you're convinced of the importance of self-command in your life, it will be simpler for you to do whatever you need to do.

3) You come home exhausted from work and sit in front of the television, as you feel too lazy and exhausted to go and wash. Don't obey the desire to simply sit, but go and get a shower

4) You might know your body requires some physical exercise, but rather you keep on sitting doing nothing or viewing a movie. Get up and walk, run or do another physical exercise.

5) Do you like your java with sugar? Then for an entire week decide to drink it without sugar. Do you like to drink 3 cups of coffee daily? For a week, drink only 2.

6) Occasionally, when you wish to say something that is not crucial, decide not to say it.

7) Don't study some unimportant gossip in the paper, even if you wish to.

8) You have a desire to eat something not too healthy. For the sake of the exercise refuse the want.

9) If you discover yourself thinking insignificant, unnecessary, damaging thoughts, attempt to develop the lack of interest in them, by thinking of their futility.

10) Overpower your laziness. Convince yourself of the importance of what is to be accomplished. Convince your brain that you gain inner strength when you act and accomplish things, despite laziness, reluctance or senseless inner resistance.

Never say that you can't follow the above exercises, as you surely may. Be relentless regardless what. Motivate yourself by thinking of the importance of executing the exercises, and the inner power and strength you'll gain.

Trying to attempt too many exercises when you're still a novice, may end in disappointment. It's better, to begin with a few simple exercises initially, and then gradually step-up their number and move to the harder exercises.

Most of these exercises may be practiced anyplace and at any time, and you don't have to commit special times for them. They'll train and grow your inner strength, enabling you to utilize it whenever you require it.
If you practice weight lifting, running or aerobic exercise, you fortify your muscles, so that when you have to move or carry something heavy for instance, you've got the strength to it. By reading French daily, you'll be able to talk French when you visit France. It's the same with willpower and self-discipline; by fortifying them, they become available for your utilize whenever you require them.

If for the sake of an exercise, you quit doing something that you commonly do, and overcome the inner resistance concerning it, you might resume doing it, if it is not adverse. For instance, if you love drinking OJ, and for the sake of an exercise you shift to drinking apple juice, after doing so for some time and after it makes no big difference to you, you might go back to drinking orange juice, if you still love it. The point here is to develop inner strength, not making life hard for you or continue doing things you don't like to do.

Wrapping Up

You require these skills to control your thoughts, better your concentration, and to become the boss of your brain. The stronger these skills are, the more inner strength you own.

Being the master of your brain you enjoy inner peace and happiness. External events don't sway you, and conditions have no power over your peacefulness. This may sound too unreal for you, but the experience will prove to you that all the above is real.

These skills are vital for accomplishing success, they give you more control over your life, help you change and better habits, and are essential for self-improvement, spiritual growth, and meditation.
Rehearse the exercises presented here in earnest and persistently, and your life will begin changing.

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