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Lesson 7: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a special time for mom. She works hard to make sure that you and everyone else is happy throughout the year. But what about her? Doesn't she deserve a day devoted all to her, so she can feel extra special? After all, she is your mother. Since Mother's Day comes year after year, it often seems to get harder and harder to figure out what to get her with each passing year. You definitely do not want to get her the same thing as you got her last year, and you also do not want to get her the same exact thing as someone else might be getting for her. You want to make sure that your gift is unique and very individual, something from the heart.

Here are some Mother's Day gift ideas to help you along your way:

1. Have a portrait made together? She will absolutely love this. There is nothing more dear to a mother than her children. You can also buy her a nice outfit for the family photo together. Tell her that she can keep the outfit and wear it anytime that she wants. After getting your picture made together, get a nice frame to put it in, and give it to your mom for Mother's Day.

2. Make her a card. This does not mean getting a regular piece of construction paper and some crayons and writing: "I love you mom, happy Mother's Day" on the card. Unless you are four years old, you need to take some time and really make an unforgettable masterpiece out of your homemade card. Get some old pictures of you two together and glue them to the card. Try going out to a craft store and getting some special glue-on designs and artsy stickers. You could also try to add some pizazz to your card by gluing things like buttons, flowers, and cute cut out pieces of fabric to the card. Once you have made your card, your mom will never forget the beauty and thought that has been invested into it.

3. Mother's Day only comes one time a year, so you should make it one that she will never forget by buying her a couple of gift cards to her favorite shops. A girl has got to shop! Everyone knows this. What better way to treat your mother to one of her favorite activities!

4. Go all out with the classic box of chocolates and the bouquet of flowers. You cannot go wrong with this gift idea - never. Unless you got the same thing last year, this is an idea that is a winner every time. Even if you did get this for her last year, you can always spice it up by adding an extra gift that is not like anything else that you have gotten for her in the past.

5. Get her a custom made gift basket. You can locate gift basket retailers virtually everywhere online. They usually carry things like specialty chocolates, coffees, soaps, lotions, perfumes, gardening supplies, spices, recipe books. Basically all of the nifty little treats that moms love. You cannot go wrong with a gift basket, be sure to throw in a card and you will have the perfect Mother's Day gift.

No matter what you choose to get for your mother, just make sure it is something as special as she is, and from the heart. This Mother's Day needs to be the best one yet, and we should all strive to show our moms how important and appreciated they really are. We only have one mother, let's let her know that we care by presenting her with the perfect gift this Mother's Day.

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