Infertility: Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Treatments


There are rumors claiming that having sex at some certain time, eating some certain type of food and having sex at a certain position will boost your chance of giving birth to a boy or girl. Other claims also suggest that you can boost your chances of conceiving either a boy or girl at a certain ovulation period. Of course, they are not foolproof. Considering that a male will ejaculate millions of sperm upon orgasm and try to aim at one specific type of these would make you end up achieving nothing. Under normal circumstance, men produce two types of sperm: an X and a Y. The slower, larger X sperm forms the female, while the faster, smaller Y sperm forms the male. This is where is it important that you involve timing to have sex.

Always have it in mind there is no sure way to determine the sex of your baby, but you can still try and try these ways if it would favor your odds on achieving your aims.


If your choice is a female, then you need to have sex seven days before getting to the period of ovulation and then every day until around three or more days prior to ovulation. Afterwards, ensure to avoid sex for some days till when you are certain that ovulation is over. This is all because the smaller and faster Y sperm will reach the uterus and die before the egg release of the egg. However, there will still be some few numbers of slower but larger X sperm alive when you ovulate.

Another theory is to apply the strategy of shallower penetration. This deals with the vagina’s PH level. Another theory is to work on shallower penetration. This has to do with the pH levels within the vagina. An acidic environment will firstly kill the weaker Y sperm and then leave a much greater quantity of X sperm left to fertilize the egg.

When the penetration is deep, sperms gets the chance to move much closer to the egg which implies that Y sperm may be much quicker to reach their perfect destination even before the X sperm. During sexual intercourse, you can also decide to decrease the acidity level if you reach orgasm. If your choice is a female, then it is not advisable to reach orgasm because if you do so, your body will release a substance capable of making the vagina more alkaline than acidic.


If yours is a male, then you should ensure not to have sex until around 2-3 days before ovulation. Then have sex each day until after ovulation has occurred. Deep penetration should also be ensured during sex to enable a close and proper deposition of sperm to the cervix, and also make sure you work towards having the orgasm so that more sperms can be pulled into the womb to achieve a better result.

Just as it is stated that women should prevent taking caffeine while trying to conceive, It’s also been noted that, while women should not drink any caffeine while drinking to conceive, one strong cup of coffee before sex for the MAN will go a long way into increasing the motility

of the Y sperm, boosting your chances of having a male.

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