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Lesson 5: Your Own Products

Perhaps the most profitable thing to promote in terms of cash is your own product. Not only can you promote your product to your own list, you can also have affiliates promote your product as well.

It’s a good idea to create a full range of products at various price ranges so you can reach the most customers possible. Some people may not be able to afford a $997 product, but they might be able to afford a $197 product or a $47 product. By creating a full range of offerings, you’ll have something for everyone.

Here’s an example of an effective product range:

 Simple eBook - $47
 Complete downloadable eBook course with 5 books - $197
 Downloadable eBook course with 5 books and 15 videos - $497
 Physical course with 5 books and 5 DVDs - $997
 One-on-one training or coaching - $1997

As you can see, the more work there is involved in creating the product and the more expense there is in creating it, the more you can charge for it. Your least expensive product will be a very good way to introduce people to the quality of your products, so be certain you are creating extremely high-quality products even at the lower prices. The better quality your cheaper products, the more people will desire your expensive ones.

Don’t forget to upsell your more expensive products in your cheaper ones. It’s a missed opportunity if you fail to do this. People are never more likely to buy one of your products than they are immediately after they bought another one, especially if they’re happy with your purchase.

It’s very important to make sure their first experience with you is a good one, so makes sure you provide top-quality support and always respond quickly to issues. Your own products can be extremely profitable if you create a good sales funnel in order to get people to upgrade to more expensive products later. Never miss a chance to get an additional sale.

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