How To Create A Membership Website To Sell On Clickbank

Lesson 5: Using Clickbank For Payment Processing

Clickbank repeating billing is a fully automated scheme that makes marketing, promoting, and handling recurring transactions simple and profitable. Clickbank recurring billing subscriptions supply you with the flexibleness to sell and market a wide array of products and services.

Utilizing A Different Method

Subscriptions let you sell and promote products and services, like software licenses and membership sites, in which buyers get ongoing value. Clickbank repeating billing subscriptions let you tailor-make your regularly scheduled buyer payments with features like:
• The power to have a lower first price • The power to provide a test period • The power to choose from new rebilling frequency choices

The power to set a lower first price gives you flexibleness when designing your recurring billing product or service, as owners are able to increase the payment for subsequent rebills.

A test period lets you offer your buyers a short time period to try the membership site at a reduced price before the regularly scheduled payments start.

With rebilling frequency choices, you are able to select bi-weekly, every month, quarterly, and yearly billing. With these flexible choices, you are able to offer a bigger assortment of products and services in the market.
Producing a recurring billing, subscription, or membership product is similar to making a standard product, but with a couple of unique steps.

Please cautiously check that all info about your product is correct before submitting it for approval, as repeating billing products can't be altered once they're approved.

To produce a recurring billing product, take the accompanying steps:

• Travel to My Account and log in to your Clickbank account. • Click Account Settings. • Click My Products. • Click Recurring Billing Products. • Click Add New Product. • Add the essential information to the Adding a Product window. • Click Save Changes. • The system will specify a status of Approval Request Required to the product.

Pose a test buy:

• Click My Site under Account Settings. • In the Testing Your Products box, click on Generate New Card Number. • This will produce a charge card number, expiration date, and validation code you are able to utilize to pose test orders. This card data will be valid for 24 hours, after which time it will run out and will no more be available for test orders. • Observe the charge card info. • Go to the Pitch Page for the product you wish to test, and click through the payment link, which ought to take you to the Clickbank order form. • Enter data into every field of the order form. You are able to utilize any address data you wish, but enter the test charge card details you produced.

• Affirm the data on the order confirmation page. Click through to download your product, which ought to take you to the right Thank You Page URL for the product you're trying out.

Petition product approval by clicking on Request Approval in the action column of the recurring billing product list.

Fill in the Request Product Approval form.

• Affirm the info and provide extra information if necessary. • Click on Submit Product Approval Request at the bottom of the form. Make certain all data is right before clicking on Submit, as your product can't be altered once it’s approved. • The scheme will assign a condition of Approval Requested. • A team member from the Clickbank product approval department will go over your site and product info to determine if it will be Okayed or rejected as a recurring billing product. • If Okayed, the system will update the product condition to Approved. • If rejected, the system will update the product status to Disapproved. • Your repeating billing product is now live and ready to sell!

Unlike a lot of the competitors, Clickbank doesn't quit after one payment failure. Clickbank realizes that scheduled payments might fail for many reasons, including insufficient funds, so they have optimized their recurring billing process to decrease authorization declines and increase revenue.

In the event that buyers’ charge card can't support the payment request, they'll attempt authorization again 3 days after the 1st failure date. After a 2nd failure, they'll reattempt 4 days after the 2nd failure date. After a 3rd failure, they'll try once more 7 days after the 3rd failure date. A 4th failure will lead to an automatic cancellation of the subscription purchase. They send notifications to the buyer and vendor on the final 2 attempts.

For subscriptions the rebill sum may be bigger than the initial payment amount. The lower limit initial price is $4.95, and the lower limit rebill price is $7.95.

Remember though that you can't alter the initial, or rebill price for any recurring billing product once it has been Okayed by the product approval team. If someone wants to alter the initial, or re-bill price of a product for future sales, they'll need to produce a new product in the My Products section of the account. This is one of the drawbacks to using Clickbank for your product.

Wrapping Up

If you’re seeking a fresh product to offer your buyers and prospects or you would like to produce a new revenue current, think about adding a membership web site to your current business model. A membership site provides a ton of huge business building advantages including that you need to point out to potential product buyers:

Expanded income – a membership may easily get to be among the most valued and frequently bought products. In and of itself, recurring membership renewals may provide a uniform flow of money and expanded profits. Suppose that 10% of someone’s present subscribers signed up for their membership site at a fee of ten dollars per month (naturally individuals likely charge more than this.) Adding it up, that means a uniform flow of revenue and a step-up in someone’s monthly income.

Step-up site traffic – membership sites by their nature involve visits to a site which single handedly step-ups site traffic. All the same, as well as member visits someone will likely also step-up visits to their site through marketing efforts and word of mouth. Individuals love membership sites and if a free membership level is offered people will draw an enormous amount of fresh traffic to the site.

Remain in contact with buyers and leads – memberships, whether gratis or paid, provide business owners yet a different way to remain in touch with their leads and buyers. Frequent communication is among the keys to increasing a client base, allegiance, brand awareness, and earnings.

Send out special offers for added sales – a membership site supplies people with the unparalleled opportunity to communicate particular offers to their prospects thru their membership interface. This steps up their opportunity for added sales. These may be sales of his own products, affiliate sales, or joint venture partnership opportunities.

Provide faithful buyers and members coupons, perks and discounts so they spend a lot. A membership site gives owners the chance to reward allegiance by supplying a forum or tool to share coupons, particular promotions, discounts and additional loyalty driven offers. Allegiance marketing has been demonstrated to step-up earnings.

Provide expanded value to current buyers – the customer, after all, is what it’s all about, correct? A membership site supplies owners with the chance to better the value to their buyer by offering them one more product or source of info.

Fortify their brand – their own membership site supplies them with the chance to beef up their brand. Membership sites, spread information, may be really search engine friendly, generate buzz, are frequented often and help an owner construct a community around their business. All of these help beef up their brand.
Membership sites provide the owner a really unique and potentially fruitful way to grow their existing business. Once again, I advocate utilizing the WordPress platform with wp-member as your membership management solution. When the site is established, much of the procedure may be automated. This leaves the owner with a great source of passive revenue and the free time to continue planning ways to mature their business and their bottom line.

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