The Simple Path To Fast Affiliate Profits

Lesson 5: Maximize Conversions & Commissions

This is really where all the money comes in, as you need to know how to make the most from your efforts to bring in profits.

Conversions are everything when it comes to making money, and knowing the conversion number with a certain traffic source will tell you everything you need to know when analyzing if a campaign if going to profit or not.

For example, if you were using paid traffic, and you paid $50 for 100 clicks from a solo ad seller, you’d need to make more than $50 back from your affiliate sales to get any return on investment.

If you were using free traffic sources it wouldn’t matter so much as you wouldn’t lose any profit, but you should always be tracking your numbers and conversion rates.

Now, what we want to learn here is how to maximize the conversion rate, so that you can earn more commissions from your affiliate products.

How can you get better conversions?

There're a few ways you can do this, but from what I’ve learned it’s all about preselling your traffic into an offer before they’re presented with it.

This can be related to sports, for example, in golf you’re constantly setting yourself up for the next shot, so every shot you take is actually making your next hit that much easier and more successful.

With pre-selling affiliate products, you’ll do the same thing. You’ll warm up your traffic with something whether it’s a free video of you talking or an article or something that is to do with the affiliate product you’re promoting, and then once you send them to the offer they’ll be more likely to buy it!

One great way of doing this is to build your mailing list. If you’re constantly sending traffic into your own mailing list and you build a relationship with them, they’ll begin to know, like and trust you.

This will boost your conversions ten-fold as every offer you send them to they’ll be more likely to buy as YOU recommended it!

Now don’t spam your mailing list, as this will lower conversions, you only want to promote affiliate products to them once or twice per week, but this will actually Commission Jumpstart raise the conversions and sales you make with your affiliate offers…

Of course you can still directly link some of your traffic to the affiliate offers, but it’s been proven that if you take cold traffic, warm it up with your branding and “relationship building”, and THEN send the traffic to an affiliate offer, you’re much more likely to make a larger amount of sales!
That’s how the pros do it 😉



So we’ve reached the end of the course! I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and picked up some golden nuggets that you’re going to put in place in your own affiliate marketing efforts.

I promise you that if you put his stuff into action, it will work for you. I also promise you that if you DON’T put this into action, it won’t happen for you.

Please don’t be another tire kicker, I want you to succeed and the fact that you’re reading this now tells me that you’re just steps away from it.

I hope to see you again soon in some other trainings of mine, now go crush it with affiliate marketing!

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