Infertility: Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Treatments


There is a lot of misleading information about the right time to have sex to increase your chance of conceiving. In schools and colleges, teenagers are orientated about how the time of sex has nothing to do with their falling pregnant, but this is not true. If your aim is to fall pregnant, then the ideal time to have sex is 2-3 days before you ovulate. This period is the most fertile time as you have the higher chance of conceiving before you release an egg.

Of course, these results to the condition of knowing the exact time you are ovulating at first. Under normal circumstance, a monthly menstrual cycle would last for 28 days. Some doctors and medical practitioners stated that most cases of ovulation occur on day 14 of a menstrual cycle, and this has sprung most women to have sex on day 14, with the hope of increasing their chance to fall pregnant.

The downside of this approach is that it is not every woman’s menstrual cycle follows the exact 28 days cycle, which also implies that not every woman will experience ovulation at exactly day 14. Your ovulation period might be on da 10 or 17. There are several ways to know when it’s time to ovulate by using basal body temperature kits or ovulation predictor kits which are both you can find at the nearest pharmacies.

The most reliable way for you to predict your most fertile most is by noticing the day you record the highest fertile cervical mucus discharge. What is cervical mucus? This is a sticky, clear and with a little similarity of raw egg white discharge. It is important you have sex at the period you notice the cervical mucus because it aid sperm to survive and swim to the egg much effectively.


Unfortunately, most women decided to stop having sex until they detect their cervical mucus discharge, they tend to permanently withdraw from sex until the “right time”. They still avoid sex even at other times during the cycle.

They had turn sex to a chore or routine activity. It is no more about love and connection, which can negatively affect the relationship as well as increase stress levels for both of you.

Another thing here is that, even though the woman waited for some time before getting to her peak fertility time, there is a higher probability that the male’s sperm quality has already reduced even without knowing.

You see, if you decide to be patient for a week or two to have sex before you notice the signs of ovulation, you are risking the quality of your partner’s sperm because it might be at a reduced quality level at that moment. This is due to the fact that quality and quantity of the male sperm will peak only after a day or two of no sex. Making him wait for 10 days will affect the quality and quantity of sperm which might not be best for optimum fertility rates.

No matter the fertility signs, it is advisable for you to have sex twice a week especially when you are planning to conceive because will help strengthen a connection with your partner and increase the rate of fertility for both of you. It is better you stop deciding when to have sex, instead work on having much fun together.


Just as mentioned earlier, most women are so engrossed in seeking for the perfect time of the month to have sex forgetting that they ignore the fun and enjoyment attached to it. Having sex with the consciousness of time will surely make you lose a lot of the fun factor. When you have sex based on a calendar or a timetable, it can lose a lot of the ‘fun’ factor. This can lead to anger and cause even stress, which can constitute more to your infertility issues.

Studies have made it known that women who experience orgasm during sex have a higher chance of falling pregnant. This is because the contractions of spasmodic in the uterus can actually help pull the sperm further into the uterus rather than remaining in the vagina where it is much easy for it to leak out.


Yes, there are some special sex positions that would naturally boost your chances of conception better than others. Of course, you can get pregnant with any sex position. However, some positions will help boost the chances. Always keep it in mind that woman staying on top during sex will only reduce the chances of a much amount of sperm to get to the necessary places. This is where gravity comes in. staying on top will enable your sperm to leak out more easily.

If you are the adventurous type, am sorry to announce to you that missionary position still remains the best position for optimal conception. Just tilt your pelvis up by placing a pillow under your hip, make sure the pillow is not too big as you won’t like the sperm to start pooling behind your cervix.

This will also enable the sperm to stay longer with enough time to swim up easily through the cervix where it needs to go to reach the egg. Ensure not to wash or wipe immediately after sex. Give the sperm much time to stay.

However, if your uterus has a tip, then the doggy position is a preferred option for you. Just go ahead and place those hands and knees on the ground or bed and tell your partner to launch in from behind. Of course, he would enjoy it as well as you will be boosting your chance of getting that sperm to its perfect destination.

There are still plenty of fun and enjoyment to experience while experimenting with varieties of missionary position without reducing your chances of conception.Try several styles with your partner and come up with best ways to spice up your missionary position for a much fun filled sexual experience while still maintaining that aim of making a possible sperm reach your uterus.

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