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Lesson 4: Using Your Hoplink

If you are a Clickbank affiliate marketer, one of the most important things that you need to learn is how to make use of a Hoplink.

Using Your Hoplink

What Is a Hoplink?

A Hopelink is a URL that is meant to use as referral tracking. It may initially appear just like any ordinary wed address, but these URLs are actually very special. This is because a hop link routes traffic to Clickbank’s referral tracking system. Each and every uplink includes customized information that takes a person who clicks on the link to the vendor’s website which is where they will hopefully buy the vendor’s product.

The tracking system is able to identify who was the affiliate marketer that referred the customer. If a customer clicks on a link that contains your hop link and that customer buys a product within 60 days, then you will be credited with the sale and you will earn your commission.

Hoplinks Creation

There are two ways to create a shop link if you are an affiliate marketer. The first way is by automatically creating the uplink using Clickbank’s marketplace. You browse through the products and choose which one you would like to promote and then choose the promote button.

You will then be given an automatically generated uplink that has been specially generated for you. All you need to do now is copy the hop link URL and paste it where you are promoting the product.

The second way to create a hotlink is by using your Clickbank account nickname and the nickname of the vendor whose products you want to promote. This means you need to know both nicknames to make it work.

Once you have your hop link, you need to test it to see if it works. You will need to copy-paste the link onto your browser and see if it takes you to the vendor’s page. If it does, click the order now button and look at the bottom of the order form, you nickname should appear. Clickbank offers an extra encryption tool that will allow you to make your hop link address for extra security.

Inserting Hopelink to a Web Page or Blog

Clickbank makes it easy for bloggers and webmasters to make some money by becoming affiliates and promoting any of the many digital products it sells within the marketplace.

If you have your own website or blog, you can take advantage of the opportunity to earn some extra income by becoming an affiliate marketer and using your website or blog to promote the products you have chosen to sell.

You can do that by placing links that are called hop links onto your web page or blog so that any customer who clicks on the link can be taken to the vendor’s start page which will hopefully entice that person to buy a product and you can earn commission income.

Create an account at Clickbank. Login and browse through the thousands of digital products on the marketplace and choose products that are related to the niche your blog or website belongs to.

This means you should find products that fit well with your website or blog. For example, if you blog about the latest apps for mobile phones then an e-book on how to design apps may be a good fit.

Under the product that you have chosen, there is an option that says “create uplink.” Type your account nickname on the field provided and click the “create hop link” button. Copy and paste the hotlink onto a notepad or any other word processing software and save onto your PC.

Go to your blog and log in to the administration panel. Click on the option to create a post and write a new post entry about something that fits perfectly with your product choice. Make sure that you choose a relevant spot to add your hop link.

Highlight the text that you want to turn into a link and click “insert link” from your blog’s panel. Copy the uplink that you have saved on your PC and paste in the link field. Click the “save” option so that the uplink gets saved. Then post or publish your blog entry. Your blog now has your hop link embedded in the chosen word or text.

If you are a webmaster, open the HTML editor and locate the text which you would like to convert into a link.

Copy the HTML code, <a href="URL">Link text</a> into the location of the chosen text or word.

Copy the uplink that you have saved on your computer and highlight the “URL” in the HTML code.

Replace that with the uplink. Replace the “link text” with the text that you have chosen to convert into a link and then save the changes.

Inserting Hopelink to an Article

If you have neither a website nor a blog, you can still become an effective Clickbank affiliate marketer by writing articles and submitting them to article directories.

Write an article using any word processing program on your computer. Write articles of at least 400 words as most article directories will not accept articles that are shorter than that.

Ensure that you are writing a quality article about a topic that is related to the product you are promoting.

Create an account or register on any article directory of your choice. Once you have an account, log in and choose the option to write an article.

Copy and paste the article that you have saved onto your computer onto the field provided by the article directory for your article.

Go to the author bio field and write a few lines about yourself or write a short sales pitch about your product. Choose which text to use and convert as a hop link.

Copy the uplink that you have saved on your computer and paste the chosen text or word.
Submit or publish your article. Your article now contains your hop link.

Write as many articles as you want and you can submit them to the same directory (just makes sure your articles are original and unique) or submit them to different directories.

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