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Lesson 4: Simple HTML Programming Tips

Have you always desired to know how to make your own website? If so, this might be a good course to read. Please realize that the procedures of constructing a commercial and dynamic(where people interact) website requires a large amount of programming knowledge but certainly every internet programmer began with learning the old but still significantly important HTML.

There are numerous matters to learn concerning HTML, but you'll get the opportunity to practice with making your first pages in this tutorial.

What Exactly Is HTML?

This is a simple question to answer. HTML is the acronym for HyperText Markup Language and its job is to describe a manner in which text is processed into a document.

This markup language is the primary language that every browser on the internet comprehends and obeys. For instance, the tag <title> in an html page instructs all web browsers that the title of the website will follow. Let’s now see a simple html webpage.

Your Beginning HTML Webpage

You may make you fresh page and name it something such as index.html. We selected that name since it is among the default names that a common internet server comprehends. Keep in mind that in order for the web browsers to understand that file, it's got to possess the html or htm extension.

Every HTML page begins with the <HTML> directive. In HTML nearly every beginning tag possesses a closing tag as well. So, with <HTML> we begin the html page contents and with </HTML> we signify that the webpage is done.

Every html page contains an attribute called <TITLE>. This is as a matter of fact the title that we view in the title bar of our web browser once we open the page. Nevertheless, because this attribute isn't something that shows on the primary window but on the title bar, it's got to be admitted in the <HEAD> directive. Let’s set it up it together and write:

<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>My First Website !</TITLE> </HEAD> </HTML>

Keep it in your index.html page and open it using your web browser. You ought to view a blank website with the title ‘My First Website!’. Good job!.

We produced our first standard html page. Let’s do more right away. How about producing a basic paragraph with text and a header signaling the title of the text? Sounds difficult? It’s actually really simple as we will discover in a moment.

Now that we've created material that we want to pop up at the main window of the web browser, we're required to instruct it to place it there. We conduct this by specifying the <BODY> attribute and composing everything within it.

Until the closing directive </BODY> becomes discovered, everything within it is regarded as material to be presented on the main web browser window.

We specify a header in html utilizing the <h{size}> directive. For example <H1>Title</H1> will present the word Title as a really big header. As figures grow, the header size reduces, so <H2> is littler than <H1>.

At last, to construct a paragraph, we are required to specify the <P> directive, compose our material within and end it with the standard </p>. Let’s now view it all at once:

<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>My First Website !</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <H1> Welcome to my website </H1> <p> Hi, this is my very first internet site. Do you think it is nice? </p> </BODY> </HTML>
If you were to open that page in your web browser you will view your title in the title bar, your big header and a paragraph consuming the text we defined. Good, we are doing excellent!

How Do I Construct Links?

What is an internet site without any links? Truthfully, not very much at all. Constructing a hypertext link is really simple. We conduct this with the directive <A>. Say that we would like to create a link to We just specify a link prior to </BODY> like:

<a href=’’>Visit !</a>
Refresh the page we made and view the fresh link. If you click this link a new page will open which will guide you to

Occasionally, it’s crucial that the link opens in a new tab or web browser instance. To conduct this, we can use the target directive in <A> like:

<a href=’’ target=”_blank” >Visit !</a>

It does not matter if we apply single or double quotes in enclosing text and it as well doesn't matter if we utilize lowercase or uppercase letters. Determine what fits you better and stick with it

Take It Up A Notch With an Image

Now it's time for us to take a look at how to now add images to our site. You may simply exhibit an image that you have got on your hard disk (or better website root if you've got it on a server) or some other image that's attainable on the web.

In either situation, the tag to utilize is <IMG>. <IMG> doesn't stop with an </IMG> but an /> tag. Say that we need to exhibit an image that's within our C:site folder and our constructed file in just within C: . We conduct this by defining:

<IMG src=’site/image.jpg’ width=’50? height=’50? alt=’my image’ /> This ought to present the image in 50×50 pixels and if you glide over it you will view a tooltip showing ‘my image’. The same method is utilized to a web image like:

<IMG src=’’ width=’50? height=’50? alt=’your site image’ />
This will present you this image but altered to be 50×50 pixels sized. Our concluding website looks like that now: <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>My First Website !</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <H1> Welcome to my website </H1> <p> Hi, this is my first internet site. Do you think it is nice? </p> <br> <a href=’‘ target=’_blank’>Visit !</a> <IMG src=’ picture.gif’ width=’50? height=’50? alt=’ image’ /> </BODY> </HTML>

I hope that this was a beneficial introduction to HTML and that you learned the primary matters. Hopefully more sophisticated HTML tutorials will be available in the future. Hope you had a blast reading and learning.

Wrapping Up

The only certain way to begin a genuine net business and earn income is with your own site. And by 'your own site' I mean one that you've total control over.

Remember that a trap newcomers get caught up in is the "make cash doing nothing" schemes. Sorry to destroy your dream, but there's no such thing. Although a few deals look like they work, they don't. True success calls for hard work over time.

So, if you're seeking that 'magical pill' that will do all the work for you so you are able to take it easy and sip drinks on the beach this weekend and anticipate that your PayPal account will be bursting at the seams, this type of business isn't for you.

I can't assure you that you'll be a millionaire, but I have put all the steps in front of you so you are able to begin your own net business with the potential to bring in millions!

Once you have your own site, the possibilities for producing riches are endless!

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