Infertility: Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Treatments


The human body is amazing as well as complex. Biologically, we humans are designed to run efficiently by taking nutritious foods, giving us the required energy to exert the physical part of us as well as power the neurons that fire within our brains.

Human brains compared to the most advanced computers on the planet records more than hundreds of times complexity, in other words, our brains are much complex than the computer even with a higher range. The brain has the ability to keep your mind running subconsciously while taking some actions like breathing, or keeping your heart pumping.

But it also has the ability to release different hormones which assist us in coping with our everyday activity and stress. Your body releases some certain hormone to alert you when you are tired or stressed, another one performs the function of alerting you when it’s time to wake up, another when you are happy, sad, and yet another when you are upset.

Even there is yet another myriad of hormones, enzymes and lot more goodies released by your brain to alert your body at the maximum time to release an egg from one of the ovaries when the appropriate time comes for your body to conceive. So what is the consequence of the delay in the release of these hormone or non-release of the right amount?

When these situations occur, what most people do is seek for their doctor’s assistance with the aim of getting a drug prescription to help control the hormones. These might seem like the right decision but what most people failed to understand is that sometimes those chemical cocktails can result in alteration of the smooth functioning of your body while they are trying your fix your initial problem.


Have you ever imagined that your body might be compared to a car? If you don’t put the right type of gasoline into your car tank, surely it won’t run well. Or if you put cooking oil into your car tank, then it will not just run well but also break down well. Now transfer those thought into your body, think about what goes into your own tank every day.

Of course, you eat-every-day to sustain, but the truth is, it’s not always about the food you eat, but the nutritional value attached to those meals. Once again, going back to the car illustration, if you fill the car tank with water instead of oil, of course, the tank gets filled but won’t function properly. This same principle applies to your body.

For your body to gain a full response to any type of infertility treatment, you need to change or improve on your current dieting. You need the right nutritional plan for your body to attain a perfect response to any of the infertility treatment. Look for the best way you can stop the intake of processed foods by replacing them with natural and much healthier foods. Are there steps you can take to improve the nutrients you consume by replacing a few simple things?

Of course, yes, you need to be careful of what is entering your body’s tank such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs because they can be your natural enemy hindering you from conceiving due to their effect on the normal body performance. There are several effective steps you can take to increase the nutritional value of your diet every-day and you need to be the mind of why you are doing it.


Ever heard that researchers have been able to establish a link between high-stress levels in women and infertility?

Testosterone is released into the system of the female when they suffer from any form of stress.  These can constitute to their emotions of anger and aggressiveness, coupled with moodiness and the inability to keep strong even in the face of pressure and obscurity. To contradict the effect of testosterone, it is required of women to release oxytocin as it works in contrast of testosterone by aiding a reduction in stress levels and brings back that pleasant and loving feeling of life.

Making sure to understand how to reduce stress often go a long way in reversing infertility because present of too much of testosterone in your system can reduce your chances of you getting pregnant.


Have you ever thought of various amounts of chemicals, toxins and every other poison our body has been exposed to daily, even the products we use for cleaning our environments are not helping as they are just another harmful and negative chemical? Won’t you change the brand of product you are using if you realize that it would have a negative effect on your fertility rate? Won’t you have the same problem with your next purchase brand?

How about the conditioner and shampoo you use? Yes! They might give your hair that good feeling and fresh scent, but did you ever ask yourself about the safety of the chemicals used to make these products. Ever wondered why we were instructed not to swallow toothpaste and its foam when or after we have brushed our teeth?

There are some daily activities and routines we practice that might have contributed to the increment in our body toxin level. Of course, not all types of body toxins can be easily noticed. For instance, mercury level in some fish types can go a long way in affecting the perfect functioning of your body.


If you are having a difficult time conceiving, then it’s high time you needed to check and remove some certain food or a food type from your diet. Caffeine has been recorded to have a negative effect on fertility rate by causing a reduction of about 50% in fertility rate.

While you are thinking of removing coffee from your list of morning diets, you need to realize that coffee is not the only beverage with caffeine. There are several other beverages and even foods that contain some unknown amount of caffeine and could have the effect on your ovulation rate and your hormonal balances.

Chocolate and soda have caffeine in it. Pain relievers too are known to contain some amount of caffeine like Excedrin and Anacin. It is essential you read instructions and labels on products before using them so you can be sure that there are no hidden caffeine sources.

Alcohol does no good to your fertility rate. Remove them from your diet entirely, and if you feel you can’t then stop taking it when you are four months close to conceiving. This same precaution also goes for smoking.


Improving your diet gives your body the chance to generate the perfect type and level of hormone necessary for its wellness and responsiveness to infertility treatments.

Of course, a relaxed 30-minutes-walk will go a long way in improving your health, because you will be outside and exposed to vitamin D which increase the level of your body’s endorphin. It maybe even helps you in losing weight as well as boost your energy all-through the day.

There is other health-related benefits you get when you take the right type of food with the accurate nutrition,  vitamins and minerals levels , but what is more important here is your own biological awareness. Sometimes, your brain might decide not to perform its function of releasing the right hormone into your body system for you to get pregnant until when it feels like every required condition that would nurture an embryo to term has been met.

However, studies have made it known that optimizing both your diet and lifestyle goes a long way in reducing ovarian cysts and menstrual cramps. The fact is that to cure infertility, you need to improve your diet and hormonal level, though there are still other factors to consider too.


Studies have made it known that foods low in fat but high in fiber will aid in increasing the overall status of your health. It is also advisable to add things like fruits, legumes, vegetables and nuts coupled with perfect choices of meat and chicken.

Food rich in folic acid and vitamin has been known to help boost your natural immune system as well as makes conception an easy process. Folic acid aids in preventing spina bifida and any other defect attached to birth, they also help reduce the rate of having a miscarriage. A few examples of the natural sources of folic acid and vitamin B are green leafy vegetables, papaya, avocado, asparagus, broccoli, eggs, oranges, nuts, beans and wheat bread.

With their richness in zinc, Oyster offers a good choice of food to add to improve fertility. Research has made it known that any male or female with deficiencies of zinc has the higher chance of having a reduction in fertility levels. Of course, if you add one or two types of food to your diet will go a long way in increasing your chances of conceiving, but that doesn’t mean they would cure your infertility.

Taking balanced diet coupled with frequent exercise will assist in improving your overall health and hormonal levels.

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