Understanding and managing menopause

Lesson 4: Hypnosis as a treatment for menopause

Hot flashes and the sudden chill that follows have irritated women for hundreds of years. Hypnosis is a demonstrated, compelling treatment for reducing the symptoms of the menopause (74% reduction in hot flushes with improved sleep after 12 weeks of treatment). Since the side effects of medications may outweigh the benefits, then this is good news. The only side effect of hypnosis feels fantastic. Menopause also produces a psychological effect of this change in the life of a woman. For many women in our forties, our children are young. My husband's recent quote is that he will put me in menopause and our girls (ages 12 and 10) goes through puberty, and how will he put up with our moods!

When practicing hipnoterapeuta, hypnosis is used to induce a relaxation. This in itself is very favorable, so the worry and stress of the day aside, if you just let your mind drift and dream and my voice floats with you. The goal is to offer suggestions of the coolness to combat the heat of the hot flashes and to help to regulate the hormonal changes taking place in the body. It is not only women who suffer from hot flashes, men can also experience and they will benefit from the hypnotic relaxation. Hot flashes in men may be a side effect of treatment of prostate cancer. It is always good to have options that are complementary to have the medical treatment.

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