The Simple Path To Fast Affiliate Profits

Lesson 4: Drive Traffic To Your Promotions

Traffic is one of the hardest parts for most newcomers to Internet marketing. They may have an awesome product or affiliate product to promote, but they just can’t seem to create a traffic stream to make their campaigns profitable.
Let me get this out there, don’t let traffic defeat you! If you can master traffic, you can make a HUGE income online!
Without traffic there will be no sales, no income, no nothing. You need to get traffic to your offers to make sales, that’s as black and white as it gets!

Now, there are actually many different methods you can use to get traffic to your offers:

Article Marketing

Facebook Marketing


Building A List

Solo Ads

PPC ads

Forum Traffic

Blog Traffic

Now this isn’t a report on traffic generation methods, therefore I won’t be going in-depth with these methods, as you can find out about each of the above traffic methods almost anywhere on the net!

This course is going to make you an awesome affiliate marketer!

The importance of traffic is imperative to your success, so I’d suggest using the above traffic methods, and then testing which one is working best for you.

Once you’ve tracked your efforts (which you can do using your link cloaking software), you can then use the 80/20 rule to maximize your efforts on the best traffic method to make the most profit possible from your affiliate marketing.

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