Break The Cycle Of Bad Discipline

Lesson 3: Perseverance

Do you complete what you begin? Do you possess enough inner strength to go through with what you begin doing?

How many times have you began to do something with exuberance and energy, and then lost your enthusiasm and vigor after a while?

How many times have you made promises to ourselves and to other people, with the intention of following them through, only to forget about them after awhile?


Occasionally, we don’t complete what we begin, as we recognize that:

 We don’t truly want what we began doing.

 It calls for too much time or cash than what we're willing to invest.

 We recognize that there are more crucial things we want.

 We have a gut feeling that this isn't the right thing to do.

 Rather often, we make promises and begin doing things without previous thinking and analysis. We begin doing things due to temporary exuberance, in response to something we saw or heard, but when the exuberance wanes, so does the want to follow through.

In all these cases, and additional like ones, our decision to give up what we're doing may be justified occasionally, and unwarranted at other times. The issue begins when we quit, due to lack of self-discipline and doggedness. If we lack self-discipline and doggedness, how may we accomplish anything, even little minor, day-to-day tasks?

How do you feel when time after time you give up because you lack self-discipline and doggedness? Do you feel disappointed? Do you lose faith in yourself to accomplish things?

The great news is that you are able to develop these 2 important inner assets:

 Think before you take action. A lot of the projects we quit, we begin without thinking and analyzing their usefulness.

 Establish your priorities before you begin. What is more crucial now?

 Whenever you feel that you're losing exuberance and interest, consider and visualize the advantages, and how what you're doing will benefit and better your life, and other people’s lives.

I won’t tell you, “Stick to what you're doing, no matter what”, because if you have to be told this sentence, it means you lack self-discipline and doggedness, and these words won’t help you. You'll have to develop these skills, but how may you do so, if you can't finish what you begin? This is a vicious cycle situation.

You require some measure of self-discipline, and likewise a strong incentive to begin. How may you develop self-discipline and doggedness, if you lack the power to persevere?

The solution is to begin with easy exercises designed to develop self-discipline and doggedness, and with tasks that you are able to achieve quickly.

By acting in that way you build self-confidence and faith in yourself, and you'll step by step be able to accomplish things that call for more effort. In time, you'll be able to utilize the skills you develop, to follow and hang in with any plan, project, goal or resolution.

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