Infertility: Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Treatments


The truth is there are higher numbers of couples diagnosed with the ‘non-specific infertility’. These type of diagnose is only done on couples whose reason for infertility cannot be discovered or there is no specific location is traced to their infertility problem. Despite several months or even years of trying to conceive coupled with series of tests, trials and meeting with specialists, most couples still can’t phantom on why they can’t fall pregnant.

When OB-GYNs and infertility specialists perform series of tests, which are often medically biased. They search for issues of imbalance of hormone. They search for the clear signs of blocked tubes, sperm quality and quantity, cysts and other common signs so they can detect the affected area and perform the usual surgery or use medication.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t detect anything logical which made them resolve to name the condition as ‘non-specific infertility’ and for the sake of the solution, they subject the couples to certain fertility drugs such as Clomid to test if it works for them. What they failed to understand is that there are other varieties of factors that can cause infertility which doesn’t even correlate with the obvious symptoms known by many people.

Our bodies are programmed to give out signals in terms of warning on detecting any wrong occurrence. These warning signals come in form of pains or symptoms. Unfortunately, the highly rated pharmaceutical industry would prefer to treat the symptoms other than search for ways to find the solution to the cause of the problem.

Using pain relief drugs means you’re only blocking the real warning sign your body is trying to inform you about. Signs like informing you of the improper functioning area of your reproductive system that needs to be addressed first before you conceive your child. Sometimes, these can even worsen the original problem.


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