Aligning the Technical Aspects of Your Business to Dominate Clickbank

Lesson 3: How to Setup a WordPress Blog (Using Fantastico)

Nowadays, it does appear as if everybody and their cat possess a blog. And, looking at the wide range of costless blogging software that is usable, it may be difficult to determine whether to put together your WordPress blog or acquire a blog with a different supplier.

WordPress is among the most accessible and popular blogging platforms in existence and even an individual just starting out may put it together simply and with ease. The most elementary manner to conduct this is thru a cPanel hosting account.

Things You Will Be Required to Have

You will need a CPanel web hosting account As well, you'll need a domain name

The first step in creating a blog using Fantastico is to establish a domain name and internet hosting account. Begin by logging into your cPanel account. Click your mouse on the “Fantastico” image (or Fantastico De Luxe)

The next step that you will embark on while utilizing this technique of beginning a blog is to choose “WordPress” once the Fantastico window opens up. Then choose “New Installation.” This will open up a page that provides you with fresh Installation options.

The third task that you'll have to complete is to complete the form on that page with your desired choices. Below the Installation Directory leave the “Install in directory” area empty unless you would like to set up your WordPress blog in a directory on your domain.

The next step on down the line would be to click “Install WordPress” and complete the installation when you're finished providing all the needed data. The installation will say the updates that have been created. Click on the "Finish Installation" button.

For our fifth task, you are going to need to provide your email address to have the installation emailed to you or a different company of your preference. Offering your email may come in handy if you ever draw a blank on your password or Username. You will be able to decide to back up to the overview as an alternative.

Now for our sixth step in this method you will need to direct yourself towards your WordPress administration panel by punching in the URL:

You’re getting close to finishing! For the next step, our seventh task, you will need to log into the WordPress administration panel at that specific URL: Your account name, as well as a passcode, will remain to be the same as the ones that you utilized for the admin account at a previous time.
The final step remaining is to simply click the write menu to start blogging. You will be able to now produce posts, links or pages utilizing the text editor. You will be able to as well alter the layout and as well, make categories, which will assist you in organizing your blog material so that subscribers may easily navigate Tips & Words of Advice

You constantly have the alternative of asking for the WordPress Install4Free team to conduct the installation for free of cost! Not all the web hosting suppliers who provide cPanel accounts also provide Fantastico, which is a third party software. Nonetheless, if your supplier has upgraded to cPanel 11, you will be able to still put together a Word Press Blog utilizing a cPanel Account but without Fantastico.

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