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Lesson 3: How to Keep Your Storage Room From Being Cluttered

Almost everyone has one room where they keep outdoor objects like paint, household chemicals, garden tools, and other larger items. These rooms are useful for putting aside items that you don't use often. Christmas decorations, extra linens, and other things also tend to get placed in storage rooms, and eventually these rooms look like a garage sale that went completely wrong.

It is always a good idea to make sure your storage room stays organized, so you are able to find things easily. For example, if that hornet's nest forms outside on the front porch, you want to be able to find the bug spray fast! Using a few simple products and making a few quick changes can mean the difference between a nightmare room and a neat, clean storage room.

First and foremost, household cleaners and chemicals should be safely locked away. Children and pets may get into these items, which can cause illness or injury. Be sure to purchase some kind of lockable cabinet that is also corrosive proof. You want to make sure these things stay safely away from little hands.

Organize the cabinet into categories like cleaning items, lawn and garden items, and household repair items such as caulk or wood glue. Label each cabinet if you choose so you can easily open the one you need faster. Small, tidy plastic drawers are another great way to keep little things like nails and screws in order. The coffee can of old days no longer has to be used. Instead, these handy little plastic drawers look much nicer and make it easier to find that flat head screw you've been searching for.

Install hooks or a pegboard on the wall of your storage room. These hooks can be used to hang anything from rakes and shovels to various tools. You will be amazed at how handy a few hooks can be in a storage room, plus they help to keep things off the floor and prevent injury. Buy large plastic bins and organize anything extra by type.

Christmas decorations should go in one box, while Halloween decorations should go in another, etc. Then label each box. Inexpensive shelving can also be installed instead of hanging hooks, so you can place everything on the shelves. The key to keeping a nice and neat storage room is avoiding having everything end up on the floor.

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