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Lesson 3: Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Cloaking your affiliate links is something you are going to need to do in order to pull off affiliate marketing effectively.

But before I get further into this, I obviously need to explain what link cloaking is!

Link cloaking is when you change a link, to make it look nicer to the naked eye.

Most affiliate links are very long and filled with letters and numbers, so they don’t look very pleasing to the eye.

So cloaking links can make them look more appealing and user-friendly.

Put it this way, which link would you rather click, this one:

The top example shows a link, which represents a cloaked link, the bottom a raw affiliate product link.

I’m sure you can see how ugly the affiliate link looks compared to a regularly cloaked link!

You can buy cloaking software such as:

Quality Click Control

To cloak your links all you need to do is create a rotator link with the name /Recommends or /Likes etc, and then enter the URL you wish to promote the software.

Then you will be able to promote products with nice, approachable links.

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