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Lesson 2: Scare Em

Used throughout marketing in general – extremely effective In Network marketing. If you believe you may "miss the boat", to coin a phrase, you’re more likely you take immediate ACTION. Which is why we see LOTS of sites with ‘offer ends at midnight’ or similar slapped all over the sales page. That’s the point of this one. To Make You Take Action.

But, there's more to it than just that. It's how you WORD it that really gets people's blood pumping.
Say for instance that you have written what you believe to be a KILLER sales letter. Then, when you type up your "call to action" you say. . .

"Hurry. This Offer Ends Soon!" But WHEN exactly is "soon"??? Soon is such a broad definition in terms of time it doesn’t sound real – or scary enough.

What Works

Soon could be two days from now or two weeks from now. It's excellent for marketers to try and keep their "special offer" alive for an undisclosed amount of time (they make more sales). But really, it hurts them in the long run by not picking a designated date and time. That’s why when I sell products with that come with limited rights, or are time limited, I shut them down IMMEDIATELY the deadline passes or the licenses sell out.

Make sure that when you use the "fear factor" you give your customers a deadline. And STICK TO THAT DEADLINE! The fear factor only works if you make a date and then remove your offer when the date is reached.

Yeah, you may miss out on a few sales. But think about it this way, the next time you run a time limited special offer your customers will know they had better take you up on it or miss out forever.

And telling my readers that I’ll be pulling the offer as soon as the licenses are sold is an excellent selling point too. I’m just drawing their attention to a particular fact – that it’s a limited offer – but MAN does it help sales.
Some copywriters call this fear trigger the ‘call to action’. Here’s an instance:” Hurry! This Is An Exploding Offer And Will Self-Destruct On Tuesday 14th At Exactly Midnight."

It's even a good idea to throw in a little javascript counter to really make them sweat ;-). With one of these, they can see the time to when the offer ends counting down in front of their eyes.

Then finish up with something along the lines of. . .
"If you come back here after the above date, you will NOT be able to take advantage of this offer. You MUST ACT NOW or be locked out forever!"

Of course, this is precisely how the "fear factor" is supposed to work. Offer your customers something exciting, put a specific time frame on it (a few days usually works excellent), give them an unbeatable price for what they are getting, and then rip it away from them like a thief in the night.

This works very well as a fast-cash generator too. Putting a time limit of, for instance, a week on the offer makes your reader act within a certain time frame. This means you bank the money within a certain time frame too of course. This will work when you need to get affiliates on board fast too.

In fact, this is one of the best ways to guarantee a successful launch. Make it the week-long then end it DEAD. The activity you’ll see within that week will amaze you.

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