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Lesson 2: Make Sure That Bathroom is in Order

Bathrooms tend to get messy rather quickly. The bathroom should be a sanctuary where we go to bathe and relax, but in today's busy world it can be hard to keep it neat and organized. Towels often get tossed about, toiletries scatter, and other accouterments get thrown about. There are plenty of great accessories you can purchase to keep your bathroom nice and tidy.

Of course towel bars or towel racks should be a given, but if you don't have any, now is the time to install them. It's an easy way to hang towels while they still look neat. Most people use the towels on the rack simply for drying hands. For those towels you use to dry off after a bath or shower, simply install a wall hook somewhere that is in reach but still out of the way. This will help you to easily access the towel when getting out of the shower and give you a place to put it back as well.

Everyday necessities like toilet paper can easily be stored either in a cabinet under the sink, or in canister-like containers designed to specifically hold toilet paper rolls. Cleaning supplies should be locked away from children, or put in the bathroom cabinet if there are no children around. Cleaning supplies that layout and about are unattractive.

You can also purchase something called a étagère, which is a cabinet that goes above the toilet. This is designed to provide extra space for those things you need to get to but don't want to be in sight. Cotton balls and q-tips can be stored in a small, attractive jar or another container on the bathroom counter by the sink. Cosmetics should be put in the bathroom drawer. You can purchase small drawer organizers to help keep little things like mascara and eye shadow in order.

Baskets are a great accessory for bathrooms. They provide a stylish place to hold extra soaps and washcloths, and look chic at the same time. Consider throwing out any old makeup you no longer use and downsize your cosmetic items like lotions and body washes. The less clutter you have in the bathroom, the cleaner it will be. Try to tidy up the bathroom every day. This way, clutter does not build up and your bathroom won't start to feel cramped.

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