List Management Secrets

Lesson 2: Goals Of This Section

● To show you why you need to decide which method you're going to use to maintain your list before you even start building it for maximum positive effect.

● To explain why it's so hard to change mid flow, once you've already started.

● To show that to get people to listen and take notice of you and avoid complaints, there's a few things that you'll need to tell the customer beforehand.

● To set solid goals for your list, and map out where you want it to go in the future.

● To show you how powerful your list actually is to you, and to display how much more earning potential some methods have over others, and how you're going to capitalize on that.

● To introduce the rating system which will be assisting your decision on how you're going to maintain your list when from the moment the first subscriber arrives.

● To talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the first list maintenance type, a standard e-zine or newsletter to your target market.

● To reveal the first of the most powerful list type that you could possibly have in your hands, and how to deal with the subscribers and make the most cash out of it.

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