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Lesson 2: Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Are you wracking your brain thinking what would make a good gift for a friend or family member that just had a baby? How about a baby gift basket? You don't always have to settle for one of those expensive ready made ones in the store. You could create your own baby gift basket, personalizing it to better express your sincerity.

There are many things you could put into a baby gift basket. To make your task easier, it is best to select a specific theme.

1. Nursery room items. - Colorful or musical mobiles to keep baby busy. - Music CDs with lullaby music or nursery rhymes. - Wall art to decorate and brighten up the room. - A set of baby bedding. Do check first where the baby will be sleeping. - Monogrammed baby blanket. For little babies, sleeping sacks are a safer option. - Changing mat for tables or cribs.

2. Items for growth and development. - Picture books for parents to read aloud to the little one. - Baby book for parents to record down baby's milestones. - Small picture frame and photo albums. - Educational toys to stimulate baby's mental development. - Rattles or a homemade shaker. - Teethers to sooth itchy gums during the teething period. - Feeding bottles, infant cups, bibs, baby bowl, and spoon. - Wash clothes that come in handy when baby starts to drool excessively. - Piggy bank to start off baby's money saving effort.

3. Bath and hygiene items. - Bath toys. - Baby shampoo and bubble bath. - Nappy rash cream. - Disposable diapers or a modern cloth diaper. - Baby towel. - Wet wipes. - Baby clothes. If you are not sure of the baby's gender, go with white or beige to play it safe.

A baby gift basket doesn't only have to contain things for the baby. If there are older siblings, you could also add an item or two for them. This way, you help pacify any jealous feelings they may have towards the baby.
Let's not forget about the mother. Check if she will be breastfeeding. Nipple cream will come in handy.

Products to get rid of stretch marks will also be highly appreciated. Even food items that you know the mother likes will put a smile on her face. Parents are always eager to announce the arrival of their tiny bundle of joy. Why not help them by getting announcement and invitation cards to add to the baby basket.

Bows and ruffles are often used to adorn the baby gift basket. However, with a little creativity, you could add a personal touch by including handmade crafts in the form of origami, papier mache', sewn or knitted items.
Putting together a well thought out baby gift basket is not difficult, especially when there are so many baby items to choose from. Think what baby might need or use in the future. Also, decide on your budget and theme, then start packing away. This small gesture of taking a time to personalize your baby gift basket will surely be received with much gratitude.

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