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Lesson 19: So why Twitter?

There are a plethora of reasons for people to use Twitter here are just a few:

• Twitter is more than a free microblogging platform it is a way of life. People use Twitter to express themselves and communicate with everyone that is important in their lives from family to friends to coworkers even if they are halfway across the globe. But that is not all people use Twitter for; they also use the community as a way to meet new friends or to market their business brand.

• Twitter is an enormous information and news resource. No matter what your question is, you can always ask the Twitter community and get an answer. As for obtaining the latest news from around the world, Twitter affords instant access to media outlets, journalists who write the news. All you have to is search the Twitter stream or follow the news alerts.

• Times are hard are you looking for a job? Well, Twitter can help. With Twitter, you can tweet your need for a job, post your resume and locate prospective employers. Many businesses post job openings and recruit employees right on Twitter.

• If you want to get together with some friend go out to dinner, dance or even just go for some coffee; Twitter is the easiest and most effective way to contact the people you want to go out with.

• Use Twitter to vent. Ever had one of those days? On Twitter, you can share your frustrations with the community. You may get some helpful feedback through a kind tweet. Twitter can be your frustration outlet.

• If you are a sports buff, Twitter is the place for you. You can follow your favorite teams or favorite player. You can also get up to the minute game results.

• Want to know how that newly released movie turned out? How about the playing value of a new video game? On Twitter, you can get great input and insight from other community members that have already seen that movie or played that video game.

• Are you involved in politics or are you looking to get involved? The Twitter community is full of politicians looking to keep in touch with their constituents and the community.

• Like playing games online? Twitter offers access to third party game applications that can be integrated with a Twitter account.

• Twitter is also a fantastic venue to use to market a business, product or service. Twitter gets the word out about your business brand, service or product. The community consists of millions of people and that means millions of potential customers.

• As a business, you can also use Twitter to recruit new employees or list job postings for millions of potential employees.

• Twitter is also a way to notifying groups of people about an event. Whether you have an upcoming business conference, reunion, wedding, party or charity event Twitter is the way to reach out.

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