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Lesson 18: Jane’s Story

Jane always wanted to have her own business, but she was unsure of what she could do. She disliked working for other people and longed to work from the comfort of her own home. She tried several ideas that were presented on the internet to work from home online but found them to be unscrupulous. Jane was no dummy and knew that the only way she could be successful by working from home online is if she had something to offer the rest of the world that was unique.

Jane liked pets very much and had been making homemade doggie boots as well as other items for dogs. She even made her own dog biscuits. She would often sell these items at craft fairs and earn a few dollars doing this. Jane wanted to turn her doggie business into an online business but knew it would be difficult to generate sales off of a website.

Like most other people, Jane was familiar with Ebay. She even purchased some items from online auctions on this site. She decided to list some of her doggie items on Ebay. She added the cost of the fees to list the items into the price of the item and figured out how much it was going to take to ship the items. Then she decided to test the waters and offer some doggie booties online.

Jane was happy to discover that all of her auctions were very successful. She continued making doggie items and selling them on the online auctions. She comprised a database of her clients and began sending them e-mails whenever she made anything new. Within 30 days, Jane was turning a tidy profit from her online business.

After this success, Jane took the money that was now in her Paypal account and invested in getting someone to make a website for her. The website was very professional and Jane was able to direct anyone who purchased one of her items on Ebay towards the website so that they could continue to shop for doggie items.
Jane knew that it generally takes a while before a business begins to turn a profit. She was careful about not overspending any money that she made and invested most of it back into the business. She began to come up with other items for dogs and even branched into items for cats. Pretty soon, Jane was making a tidy sum in her online business and, although her website was beginning to generate sales, she still used Ebay as a way to procure business. She also went on pet forums and chatted about her products to others who were interested in dogs and cats.

A typical day for Jane was rising at 6 a.m. and preparing all of the items for shipping that day. Jane used Priority Mail to deliver her packages and her letter carrier picked them up right from her door. Jane would then spend several hours managing her auctions, listing new products and answering questions for people.
The remainder of the day, Jane would spend making the different doggie products. She normally got done working around 5 p.m. However, she was able to take breaks whenever she wanted, including a break to shower, dress and even prepare dinner for the evening. On occasion, she would get telephone calls from friends or neighbors and sometimes, when one of her children was sick at school, she would have to take the time to go pick them up or take them to the doctor. However, Jane pretty much controlled her own day as well as a time schedule. On days when she did not feel like getting up at 6 a.m., she would stay in bed until 7 a.m. and work a little later. If she decided to go out shopping, she worked a little in the evening making her products.

Today, Jane is very successful in her Ebay dog and cat supply business. In addition to selling on Ebay and through her website, Jane still enjoys selling items at craft shows. She is able to make a decent living, support herself and her children and work from home, online doing something that she loves to do. Jane will be the first to admit that her dream of working from home online would not have been possible without Ebay as well as her hard work and determination.

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