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Lesson 14: Mark’s Story

Mark always wanted to be a writer. From the time he was a young man, he dreamt of writing the great American novel. As time wore on, Mark realized that the world of writing was very competitive and it would be better to have a degree in something where he could make a steady paycheck. Mark chose to become a banker. He married, had children and within several years, was eventually promoted to a bank manager.
Mark and his wife lived in a comfortable suburban home and raised their children to play soccer and enjoy video games. They had the quintessential American dream life.

Mark never forgot how much he liked to write, however. He still continued writing short stories and articles. One day, while messing around on the computer, he stumbled across a site that would pay him for his writing. Mark knew plenty about finance, so he decided to write about it and see what happened. He was thrilled when the site paid him $7 for the article. He decided to submit another.

Each night, when Mark got home from work, he wrote articles and submitted them to the website. And he felt a fulfillment by doing this that he never once got from his job; even when he was promoted to manager.
As luck would have it, the bank ran into difficulties and was purchased by another, the larger bank in a merger. Mark, like many of the other high-level employees, was quickly replaced by a 21-year-old. He was 44 years old and out of work.

Fortunately, Mark got a nice severance package. Instead of jumping out and trying to find a new job, he decided to explore his writing ambition and began writing full time for the website that was paying him. Although he was not making nearly as much money as he had been at the bank, he was enjoying himself.
However, Mark knew that there was no way he could make a living on the few articles he was writing for $7 each. He had to branch out. He began searching for more sites that paid for writing on the internet. He found several that wanted “SEO” articles. Unsure what that meant, Mark studied up on them and figured that he could do this type of writing. Before long, Mark was writing SEO articles as well as his financial articles online.

One thing led to another. Mark began corresponding with other writers. They gave him tips on different places where he could market his writing that paid more than the current places. Within six months, Mark was on his way to making a living writing online. In addition to the SEO articles and financial articles, he also began blogging about financial matters and procured ads to his blog site.

Although Mark still does not make as much money as he was making at the bank, he is much happier with his new career and a lot less stressed out. He has more time to spend with his family and because there is no reason to send the kids to daycare any longer, the family is basically in the same financial position it was in when Mark worked at the bank. Furthermore, Mark and his wife both appreciate the fact that one of them is home with the kids after school.

While Mark may not be rolling in the dough, he is a much happier person today than when he was working at the bank. Recently, he was offered a job as assistant manager at another bank. He turned it down in favor of his writing. Apparently, Mark has finally found a career that gives him creative fulfillment. And it only took him 44 years to do this!

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