List Management Secrets

Lesson 11: Goals Of This Section

● To introduce the top methods of list building that will work alongside your other resources to create the business that you desire.

● To introduce the five main resources that are going to make you a whole bundle of money and to show you how to list building ties into all of
them creating a self-sufficient system that builds itself without any input from you.

● To demonstrate that what you can achieve simply by the words that come out of your mouth far surpasses any list building service that you can pay for.

● To get over the first and hardest hurdle any online marketer will tell you they came across, and that's getting started.

● To show you that just five hundred people on your list can in fact without too much hassle outperform a purchased list of any kind more than ten times its size over and over again.

● To introduce several ways in which you should be building your list at all times.

● To show that to get the initial list off the ground will take effort on your part, but once it's off the ground and profitable for you, sales will flow, and in turn, the size of your list will snowball.

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