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Lesson 1: You Are A CEO, Not Just An MLM Leader

What most people in multi level marketing leadership think is that they are part of a 'downline'. Though this is true and this is definitely the terminology used, the very word 'downline' has a bit of derogatory ring to it. When it is a network of people where people attract people, why should there be a 'down' or 'up'? Is MLM also a business model that has feudal orders designated to it?

However, here we are not trying to change a terminology that has been in use ever since the network marketing concept began. Actually, that does not matter at all. What really matters is the kind of attitude you take toward it. This is a classic case of the 'glass half empty or glass half full'. Where you see yourself is where you are. You may choose to think of yourself as someone's downline, or you may choose to think of yourself as an upline for someone who is below you.

If thinking in the latter terms builds the confidence in you to progress further and implement your leadership skills to the hilt, then so be it.

In fact, if you think about it, an MLM leader is no different from the CEO of a company. Forget for the time being that there are people above you. These people won't really matter a few weeks down the line when you have built your network and it has started breathing. At that time, you will be responsible only to the people who have joined the network after you or, to use the common term, your downline. These are the people who are even looking up to you for guidance and inspiration because they have come into the fray later and they are still quite raw. As such, you can take them to greater glory, just as the CEO of a company does.

You must nurture a sense of belongingness toward your network. After all, it is your baby. You have brought in these people and they look up to you. In some MLM compensation plans, such as the breakaway plan, MLM leaders can actually move out of the network and set up their own firm with the downline they have created, provided it is sizeable enough. If that happens, you will really be the CEO of this downline.

Every MLM leader has the potential to grow. With MLM models, there is no limit to the growth that can take place. Hence, you should stop thinking lowly of yourself. You have the capacity to grow with the network, even to the position of CEO of your own network.

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