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Lesson 1: Why The Top Is The Most Important Aspect?

First matters, first, each part of your sales page is significant. One improper thing may totally make it not as effective. And so, you need to make it a point that entire thing is solid.

Having stated that, if you were to place me up against a brick wall and enquire what the most significant portion of a sales page is, I would have to state the headline and the subheadings. In this lesson, I’m going to explain why this is the case and why you need to spend most of your time working at your headline.

In order to comprehend why the headline is so significant, you have to comprehend what’s going through the brain of your customer as they hit your sales page.

Of course, they’re going to be traveling to your sales page from an assortment of places, but let’s simply imagine that they’re coming from some sort of pre-sell page. That pre-sell page, if it’s doing its task right, is going to groom the customer by training them to expect to see something once they arrive at that page.
For instance, let’s suppose that your pre-sell is for an organic acne remedy and in the pre-sell, you bring up that this remedy will heal the person’s acne in 4 days without drugs. This is sure as shooting going to get a rise out of the customer.

So, once they travel to the sales page itself, don’t you believe that witnessing a headline like, “Expose An Organic Acne Product That Will Heal Your Acne In 4 Days…With No Drugs” is going to register straight off as it coincides with the pre-sell…whatsoever that pre-sell was? This is how come a headline is so significant. It reinforces that what the customer is searching for is actually at this website.

Statistics demonstrate that if a headline is decently doing its job, it will account for approximately eighty percent of your sales. That’s correct…eighty percent of the individuals who purchase your product have already made up their mind simply because of your headline.

And then, what do you believe is going to occur if you have a pitiful headline? What’s going to occur is eighty percent of the individuals who come to your page will likely never even get on the far side of that headline. Few, if any, will even go through your initial paragraph.

Point is, regardless how great the remainder of your sales page is, if the headline does not accomplish the job that it is supposed to accomplish, most individuals won’t get to see your awesome bullet points, testimonials, bonuses and player price.

They’re already long off your page.

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