The Fail Proof Clickbank Mindset

Lesson 1: Why The Mindset Is Important?

Using Clickbank and other such affiliate systems is not without certain inherent failures which plague the correct tracking of the affiliate’s performance and thus denying the fruits of his/her labor in promoting and transferring quality traffic to the advertiser’s website.

Why The Mindset Is Important?

Inherent problems of Clickbank sites?

A number of reasons chief among them are the inability to track the performance of the prospect after s/he leaves the website of the affiliate is main among them. Another problem is anonymous webs browsing patterns of users.
Anonymous Web browsing and the problems that they offer to publishers.

As an affiliate, it is a very disturbing thing that a majority of the web browsers and other software that is used to browse the web allows anonymous browsing. They are designed in a way so that publishers cannot identify or intrude into the privacy of the surfer. Bots, auto-installing software etc. if implemented an easily get a website into trouble by getting itself banned by the major search engines and browsers.

In this scenario when consumer privacy is a major issue, publishers and affiliates have to be very careful how they plan their marketing tactics to promote the advertisers products and services.

Cookies are the only great solution in this regard as they are allowed by most normal privacy settings of browsers and are although sometimes flagged as security alerts and red flagged by some antivirus software they are universally accepted as a standard of handling user experiences on websites.

Most websites will not even function and explicitly ask you to enable your browser to accept cookies before allowing you to use it. Cookies are mainly of two types; persistent and temporary cookies.

Temporary cookies are usually used for managing the user experience on the website like navigation, page history etc. they may also be used for storing shopping carts etc when browsing an e-commerce website. They are usually destroyed or cleaned when you close the browser.

On the other hand, persistent cookies are used to store information such as login preference and login credentials to remember a user and log him back in without manually typing the credentials again. Such cookies are stored as small text files on the computer of the user.

If you clean your browser cache and history you are likely to destroy all persistent cookies and reset your browsing history and preferences for any website that you may have saved previously.

Hope linking; how it works and the improvements Clickbank has done in it since 2003

However potentially Clickbank is still the best overall network and it is pertinent to remember that they are aware of most of the issues undermining the efforts of honest and hard working affiliates. Clickbank has recently upgraded their hotlinking which now allows setting up of multiple landing pages for the advertiser.

Landing pages are the ones where the referral traffic or the potential customer goes to from the referring affiliate’s website. This could be a home page or a page deep inside the advertiser’s website containing the desired call to action. How does the hotlinking works? Just like any HTTP linking on the web, hotlinking is essentially a link as well.

However, the beauty in this is that hotlinks directly does not link to the advertiser’s website. In fact, when you click on a hotlink it first connects to the uplink web server at Clickbank.

The uplink server identifies the referring affiliate’s id and also the advertiser’s website and makes a record of the same and then redirects you to the advertiser’s website. Earlier Clickbank had provision to set only one landing page as the uplink.

The new hotlinking system also overcomes a number of security loopholes and now it is difficult to do a click fraud when the new system is in place. Reputed affiliates are now aligning more on to the new hotlinking system which is safer and more credible.

Persistence with Clickbank affiliate systems

For the most part, any marketing effort requires patience and a smart plan for marketing the products and services of the advertiser. It does not have to be too different to a normal offline marketing plan but online marketing certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Clickbank affiliate system has been tested to get results and having been in business for more than a decade they are certainly not a flyby-night operator. In fact, their payment system and fraud processing are very good; plus the benefits that they provide to an advertiser is immense and as such has a lot of potential for the affiliate marketer.
However in order to succeed you need a plan.

One particular user from Oregon who has been a Clickbank affiliate and has been marketing eBooks for a while says that he started off with the very bad response for the first few months. In fact, he almost thought about quitting online marketing saying that this is worse than betting.

However, he got a brilliant idea from a friend who is also a Clickbank affiliate and started a new approach. He first chose a standard eBook that he felt covers a niche subject and then wrote a few small articles which were reviews of the book in a very subjective and critical approach. Next, he submitted those articles on to an ezine and waited for the articles to be indexed.

Once they were indexed these articles were picked up in search results and other users who are looking for relevant content started visiting and using those articles on their website with credit to him.

These helped in getting a sizeable amount of traffic back to his affiliate link. A few weeks into his experiment, he started getting up to 5 times more leads and an increased conversion from those leads.

Having got the results that he once though is not possible, he started writing additional articles for the ebooks he was promoting and that maximized the results dramatically. The good thing about writing articles and submitting them to ezines is they not only give you results in the short run but also on the long run as these articles are files for posterity and will come up in search whenever someone is searching for something relevant to it.

Why the mindset is important

When you were not getting good grades in school your teacher would have said to you invariably to not quit trying. Persistence pays were probably what you have heard at school and at home and that is so true with most things in life.
So many marketers have fled at the first sign of trouble when they cannot crack the jigsaw puzzle called marketing success. But the ones who end up having the last laugh are the ones who never quit and marches on till the end.
Just because one thing is not working for you that does not mean that it is not right if others have found success in that process you are perfectly capable of doing it too; and if still not possible then try something else. That should be the motto for every marketer.

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