Using The Law Of Attraction To Accomplish Your Life's Purpose

Lesson 1: What is the Law of Attraction

The opinion held by numerous theorists is that the world is regulated by a set of universal laws; these laws can't be altered, can't be broken and apply to every person, no matter what their age or nationality may be.
These laws are the riverbanks, which direct the stream of their lives on its trip to its final destination.
The law of attraction is one such law. The law of attraction is the belief that anybody may mold their fate through the power of their minds.

The Law of Attraction pulls into you everything you require, according to the nature of your thoughts. Your surroundings and financial status are the exact reflections of your accustomed thinking.

Before we advance too far into the modern applications of the law of attraction, it's crucial that you comprehend that this isn't just New Age nonsense (many descriptions of the law of attraction refer to it as a production of a New Age mindset). The rules of the law of attraction go back long beyond the newfound fame of the New Age.

The Buddha was in reality among the first to introduce humanity to the law of attraction. He said, “What you've become is what you've thought.” This was a rule that the population of the east was familiar with for hundreds of years prior to it starting to flood into the western hemisphere.

The concept of karma likewise might have cast its roots from the law of attraction. Karma says that you'll eventually be revisited by that which you've sent out into the world. If you've practiced kindness and compassion, you'll receive in a similar way. If you've been purposely unkind to another, you'll get back into your life that harshness which you've sent out. Your actions and ideas morph into physical entities, causing the world to respond in a similar way.

The law of attraction started to acquire fame in the western hemisphere in the nineteenth century when people started to treasure the power of positive thinking and implement it to their life.

As you are able to see, the law of attraction isn't new. The concept that belief may bear an overriding impact on the path of a man’s fate has been taught by wise men throughout the ages and has contributed rise to a totally new era of opinions.

The theory trailing the law of attraction is the opinion that energy draws in similar energy in the immense area of space and time that makes up our universe. Each individual’s existence is constantly radiating energy out into space; the type of energy being radiated is molded by the spirit of the person and might differ from day to day sometimes even hour to hour!

This energy is what is generally known as a “vibe” and is referred to as a vibration from scientists studying the natural law of attraction.

Chances are that you're acquainted with the term. Have you ever been with somebody who's so cheerful they appear to be radiating a “glow which urges happiness in all those close to them? By the same token, have you ever spent time with somebody who was so decisive and miserable that they systematically emitted a “negative vibe” which appeared to suck in the spirit and happiness out of all those close to them?

You don't have to have psychic abilities to be capable of sensing the vibes that people give off; this energy is very real on a mental level and will involve anybody, anyplace at any time. Our vibes are generally an unconscious mind reaction to some form of environmental stimulation; something has taken place which has stimulated us to feel pleased, or distressed, frightened, baffled, tried, and so forth., and our subconscious reaction to this (because vibrations are brought forth and projected by the subconscious mind rather than the conscious) is something that's beyond our control.

Chances are the individual who's giving off a negative vibe doesn't prefer to be distressed, nor do they want to impose their sadness upon all those close to them by the simple reality of their presence. A few exclusions to this rule. Misery does love companionship and on that point are numerous who take a good deal of pleasure in imposing their trouble upon others. It's crucial to realize that this isn't normally done in a want to induce others trouble but out a want to not feel so lonely in which their sadness. But we digress…)

There are a number of feelings which can contribute to positive and negative vibes being passed off, and it's crucial before we continue along any form of discussion about the natural law of attraction that you comprehend what each of these is.

Positive vibes

Positive vibes are brought forth by good feelings, such as:

 Joyfulness  Passion  Excitement  Abundance (of anything that causes a confident reaction)  Pride  Ease  Self-confidence  Affection

Negative vibes

Negative vibes are brought forth by negative feelings, such as:

 Disappointment  Solitude  Lack (of any of life’s requirements or luxuries)  Sorrow  Disarray  Tension  Anger  Pain

What do vibes have to do with the natural law of attraction?

As we noted before the basic principle of the natural law of attraction is the feeling that life energy draws in like energy. This implies that if an individual is giving off positive vibes, they'll attract good things to them and if they're giving off negative vibes, they'll attract bad things to them.

You've seen this rule in practice before. Have you ever known somebody who was always cheerful and confident and appeared to be too favorable to be real? Alternately, you've surely known somebody who enjoyed complaining and looking upon the gloomier side of life that always appeared to have something new to complain about because matters were always going haywire. These instances demonstrate people drawing in the same type of energy they're emitting.

Does this imply that every last one of the bad matters that happen to you in this life is because you subconsciously desired them to? This is among the most frequent debates against the idea of the law of attraction and it’s oftentimes the most challenging to refute because individuals haven't yet acknowledged that the law of attraction isn't a pipe dream or something that somebody dreamed up while sitting on
- 10 -
their porch one hot summer night. It's a reality of life, and its forces are far reaching. In answer to your inquiry, no, not everything bad that occurs in your life is an outcome of you subconsciously wanting it to occur.

Occasionally it's an outcome of somebody else wanting it to occur. To quote an example from an internet site referring to the law of attraction a kid or a partner who's abused isn’t abused because they wanted this abuse to occur.

This abuse occurred because the abuser allowed for their negative views pertaining to their kid or partner to crawl across their subconscious mind until they in time started to dictate their actions.

The brain is a mighty thing, and wherever the mind travels, the feet will shortly follow. The foundation of any success you're going to come across in life isn't the power of your physical body to master the obstacles but of your mind to think that a path lies around them.

“Wherever there is a will, there is a way.” Whenever your mind can conceive that there's a path for the body to accomplish its heart’s desire a path does exist.

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