Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Lesson 1: What Is SEO

There's a multimillion dollar industry of SEO “pros”. Getting individuals into search engines or getting them in a higher place in the listings on a search engine is a business all on its own. If the chief idea behind getting traffic wasn’t acquiring cash, there would be no such industry.

SEO is nothing more than a lot of tricks and hints and occasionally good sense that when utilized in the correct combination or alone will help you out in the Search Engines. You might learn a few fresh terms here or not know the terms I am utilizing but I'll explain and later on there's a whole section on it.

A fast way to explain how you view results on a search engine results page or SERP is as follows. Search engines are much like adolescents. Adolescents “rank” individuals based on how popular they are and how much individuals pay attention to them. Search engines accomplish the same thing.

There are a 1000000 search engines but Google is the top and that's what we are going to be working with now. Everything I'm going to talk about here may be utilized for and with any search engine as each and every search engine is based on the same precepts.

In order to comprehend Indexing, Link building and everything else that's SEO you’ll first need to comprehend how a search engine works. It’s pretty easy but when you're working with 1000000000000s, yes 1000000000000s with a B. There are billions of sites and pages and it may get pretty perplexing.

I’ll keep it easy. Let’s get cracking, shall we? If you search for something on Google (once again, I'm going to say Google but I truly mean any search engine) you type it into “the box”, called the “Search Bar”.

Different individuals call the Search Bar assorted things. Like I said I'm going to keep it easy so to do so we’ll continue referring to this box/bar as the Search Bar.

If you or anybody types anything into the Search Bar and pushes enter on the keyboard or clicks on submit with the mouse there's a lot of stuff happening that you'll never be able to see.

Working softly and rapidly behind the scenes Google scrubs its database of sites and pages and brings you the most relevant results. Much of the time. I’m not going to dig too deep into what precisely is going on as it’s not truly crucial unless you’re authoring a paper on the inner workings of Google.

Simply because you have a site on “sport fishing” for instance doesn’t mean that when somebody searches for “sport fishing” they're going to arrive at your page. Chances are if you don’t understand what you’re doing no one really wants to view your page is going to discover it.

When Google discovers a page for you it's only going to discover the page/site if Google knows about it. Therefore how do you get Google to know about you and your site and or page and everything else you have to provide the Earth?

You’re going to discover the answer as you read this. Remember you do need to know some basic background information on SEO in order to learn about Indexing and Link building.

Those are the 2 most crucial factors in your search engine success. First I'm going to go more into Indexing. When you comprehend that a bit more and really know how to go out and get in Google ASAP you’ll be glad you understand all about Link building. Let’s get moving on Indexing.

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