The Simple Path To Fast Affiliate Profits

Lesson 1: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Ok so let’s get down to business, firstly let’s look at the concept of affiliate marketing and how it works.

Affiliate marketing takes place when you promote somebody else’s product and earn a commission off of every sale you make promoting that product.

For example, let’s say you promote an eBook someone has written, and they have an affiliate program. You’d sign up to become an affiliate (free to do) then you’d be given your special unique affiliate link to promote.

Let’s say for arguments sake the eBook costs $100 and affiliates can earn 50% commissions on every sale they make of the eBook.

When you promote your link and make sales you will make 50% of all the profits generated through your sales! If you made 10 sales, you make 10 x $50, which is $500! And so on…

This is how a basic affiliate scheme or program works. You get paid a commission percentage for making sales on other people’s products.

Why bother with affiliate marketing?

Because it’s fast, easy and you don’t have to do any of the product creation work! Most people fail online due to lack of creativity or productivity when it comes to making their “own product” and sales funnel.

It can be very time consuming doing the market research, planning, and product creation, and doing it effectively so that your sales funnel converts. Plus you have to make sure your product is valuable otherwise you’ll just be left with multiple refunds to deal with.

With affiliate marketing, all of that is taken out of the picture, as someone else has done all the hard work for you by creating a high converting sales funnel and all that goes with it so that all you have to do is drive targeted traffic to those offers to make a commission.

Think about this, if you had to create the product, plan the product and find your target audience, then you had to generate traffic to the sales funnel, how long would that take you?

Then what if it doesn’t convert well, and you’re out of pocket? It could potentially 5 Commission Jumpstart take you years to master, tweak and get things going the way you want them to.

With affiliate marketing, all you need is a way of generating targeted traffic to high converting offers and you’ll make money now, completely side-stepping all of the above.

It really is that simple with affiliate marketing, you drive traffic to and offer which converts, and you make sales. What does that equal out to? $$$$

Once you find a source of traffic that works well with an offer, you can then scale the method up by driving huge amounts of that traffic to the offer to bring in big paydays.

There are affiliate products in almost every niche, not just the Internet marketing or online business niche.

There are hundreds of profitable niches you can choose from such as dog training, weight loss, diet and fitness, golf, pregnancy etc…

So now that you understand affiliate marketing and it’s “process” that you have to go through in order to become an affiliate of a product, we’ll begin on finding the best affiliate products to promote so that you can start generating decent cash from the get go!

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