Acquiring Traffic Through Ad Swap

Lesson 1: The Benefits Of Adswap

The most obvious reason for using the ad swap tool would be because of the possibility of creating the platform of reaching a wider target audience. This is of course done through the exchange of email lists from both parties.

The Advantages

The benefits can be obvious and far reaching if both parties who are participating in the exchange are also basically promoting a complimenting product, service, or expertise. The ad swap really only becomes beneficial if the relationship is beneficial to both and not in direct competition with each other. There are some exchanges that do not work out because one party is actually a competitor trying to widen their own customer base. Thus the preexisting interest and intentions must be established and well understood.

Another benefit that might be apparent with this type of tool exchange would the valuable information or style shared within both parties. Perhaps the ad designs used are complimenting and interesting, or the angle of promoting the product, service, or information is far more innovative or perhaps simply the fresh angle of approach can be refreshing to the email members on the receiving end.

There is also the benefit of getting “free” exposure for the individual’s style used in promoting the products or services. Advertising always makes or breaks a product first before a customer even has the chance to actually use the product thus if the style used in the email is dynamic and interesting or even extraordinary it is more than likely that the pulling power that comes with the exchange of ad swaps may open even more doors of opportunity to further practice this skill. This is indeed a very important benefit in an already very competitive environment.
All this extra activity also creates the platform to be recognized by search engines. When this higher level of traffic activity is noticed then the ranking in the search engines will also be adjusted accordingly. This is beneficial as a higher ranking denotes more credibility of the said site.

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